The Mayor of Depok explains the chronology of his wife’s positive Covid-19 page all

DEPOK, – The Mayor of Depok, Elly Farida was confirmed positive Covid-19. The Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 in Depok City said it was suspected that he had contracted a state civil servant (ASN) in Sukmajaya District. The Mayor of Depok, Mohammad Idris, spoke up about this case. He admitted that … Read more

He stole a trailer to take his wife’s car to Romania

According to her, the theft took place last July. The perpetrator climbed the fence of the second-hand car dealership and subsequently managed to unlock the entrance gate. He then stole a trailer worth 50,000 crowns from the complex. “It simply came to our notice then. Forensic scientists watched dozens of hours of camera recordings, extracted … Read more

Jordan Haj finally spoke about his wife’s flight: “It’s an insidious intervention from the outside!”

“How has it affected us? That false external information can’t really affect reality,” Jordan Haj shocked in his words on CNN Prima News Showtime! Without thinking, he defended his partner Emmy Smetana and questioned even the existing photographs, saying that it was an insidious intervention against him and his family! “The moment it would affect … Read more

Ali Maaloul celebrates his wife’s birthday: We love you, Rasha, you good face

Tunisian celebrated Maaloul, the left back of the Al-Ahly Club, the birthday of his wife, and Maaloul published a picture of his wife via his Instagram account and commented: “Every year, you are a thousand good, my soul, my age, and that happy birthday will be upon you, and God willing, every year and we … Read more

Will Smith targets 50 Cent after revelation of wife’s affair

A story that continues to stir up tensions. The personal life of Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith is the subject of much discussion in the media around the world, since the latter admitted to having a relationship with the rapper August Alsina when she was temporarily separated from her husband. In this … Read more