Pricey packaging: California homeowners wrap shelters with aluminum foil against wildfires | Abroad

“You feel pretty stupid if the fire is extinguished in time,” says American Martin Diky. The California homeowner spent about $6,000 — roughly $5,100 — on aluminum foil to save his vacation home near Lake Tahoe from the flames. A solution that is widely followed despite the high price. The area around the popular lake … Read more

Wildfires in Turkey Cover Another Tourist Region | Video

On August 2, in Turkey, they continued to extinguish forest fires that broke out five days ago. Rescuers continue to fight fires in Manavgat, Marmaris, Milas and Bodrum. In total, several thousand people were evacuated. At least 13 aircraft, 45 helicopters, drones and 828 fire engines participated in extinguishing the fires. Also, forest fires spread … Read more

In Turkey for the sixth day will continue the fight against forest fires – Abroad – News

The fires have already claimed the lives of eight people, but the number of victims is in the hundreds. At least 27 people affected by the fires are being treated in hospitals. Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister for Forestry and Agriculture, said on Sunday night that 119 fires, which had broken out in 32 provinces since Wednesday, … Read more

Italy is battling hundreds of wildfires / Article

Italy’s emergency services continue to fight hundreds of wildfires in various parts of the country. Assistance has been requested from the Calabria region in the south of the country, from Lazio, where Rome is located, and from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Both the plane and the firefighters on the ground fight with the … Read more

The South of the Netherlands also gets a special team for fighting wildfires

After Overijssel, Limburg and North Brabant will also have a special fire brigade team that will be deployed to fight wildfires. The members of this team set out on foot in places where fire trucks cannot reach. This allows the team to remove combustible bushes and branches to prevent the spread of fire. This is … Read more

Wildfires have already declared a state of emergency in ten areas of Russia – Abroad – News

The most devastating fires to date have affected the Sahrawi Republic, also known as Yakutia, and the Forest Aviation Service reports that fires continue to spread there on Wednesday. At present, fires rage in 745,000 hectares in Yakutia alone. In Russia, due to large areas, fires are usually actively extinguished only if they approach populated … Read more

Canada, 719 dead from heat: “Three times the average in this period”. Over 130 wildfires in British Columbia

Over 700 dead, 719 to be precise. The chief medical examiner of the British Columbia, Lisa Lapointe, said that in the province of Western Canada there are these deaths considered sudden and unexpected during a week of record heat that hit the country. An event that is not accidental, but must be connected toglobal climate … Read more

Wildfires in the US: ‘Every firefighter in California is nervous’

The nervousness about what will happen in the coming weeks has not gone unnoticed by President Biden. He announced today that the California fire service will earn more. “We are lagging behind and have neglected firefighting,” Biden said. Firefighters who only work during the dry season will be given a permanent position. black mountain “Look, … Read more

Live Updates of the California Wildfires

Fires have torched nearly one million acres, a larger area than Rhode Island. Firefighters are struggling to slow the spread of wildfires that have torched nearly one million acres in California and are growing further, forcing more than 119,000 people from their homes and testing the state’s firefighting abilities. There are 13,700 firefighters currently battling … Read more