The new and unexpected occupation of Marcelo Tinelli in Esquel

People are capable of doing anything for a child, and this was demonstrated Marcelo Tinelli, which landed in a new and unexpected occupation in the midst of the quarantine that is taking place in Esquel together with his family, in order to entertain his smallest descendant, Lolo, who turned 6 on April 18. Guillermina Vald├ęs, […]

“I had no choice”: Guillermina Valds made the most difficult decision and disappointed Tinelli?

Since compulsory quarantine was decreed throughout the country, some premises must remain closed to the public. Among them, the hairdressers. Thus, Wilhelmina Valds She rummaged for it to trim the hair of her young son, Lorenzo. Businesswoman in clothing She had no other choice and was forced to match the grown hair of her minor […]

“I will not say that there is happiness”: Guillermina Valds and the most difficult announcement. What happened

Since the mandatory quarantine was decreed throughout the country, Wilhelmina Valds He traveled to Esquel with Marcelo Tinelli to spend the days in isolation in his mansion by the lake. Recently, the businesswoman in textile clothing I surprised with a new video that stumped everyone on social networks. What happened? Related news His son, Dante […]

The resolute decision of Guillermina Valds after the scandal in Esquel. What will Tinelli say?

Wilhelmina Valds He has been in the eye of the storm for a few weeks because he went with his family to spend the mandatory quarantine in Esquel. The current couple of Marcelo Tinelli She tries to stay out of the media scandals but inevitably she is always in trouble. Related news So much Wilhelmina […]