the decision is made, children and adolescents will be able to go to summer camps and the playgrounds

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 6:50 p.m. Youth Minister Benjamin Dalle announces that summer camps may take place this summer. The playgrounds can also be held but under certain conditions. just like internships. Children and young people will be able to go to camp this summer (scout, for example), the Flemish Minister for … Read more

Why the new Changan CS75 Plus does not “kill” the Nissan X-Trail

The Japanese crossover is still holding on tightly. Recently appeared Chinese news turned out to be ambitious – they immediately began to claim leadership in the Russian market. However, you should not think that the primacy of “heavenly” cars will get easy, as recognized leaders are not going to give up. This belief is also … Read more

Scorpio sting Prado: Mahindra Scorpio prepares for debut

The new model will bring the Indian brand to the world market, experts are sure. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV has long gained enormous popularity in the world, since the model is in fact the most inexpensive Kruzak. At the same time, other world brands also strive to make their Pradik, but even better … Read more

Consumption on credit cards can be financed with three months grace and in 9 installments

The entities of the financial system must refinance the unpaid balances of credit cards to a one-year term with three months grace, in nine monthly installments, equal and consecutive, and an annual nominal rate of 43%. As the Central Bank ordered yesterday in the current context of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, clients who … Read more

After the coronavirus, in China they loosen up the pets: they can no longer eat dogs

After discovering that the origin of the coronavirus was due to the transmission from an animal to a human, now in China they decided to take precautions and change some rules that have to do with food. Thus, the main one has to do with the prohibition on eating dogs. The government closed many illegal … Read more

On Monday, banks resume customer service: see how they will work and what procedures can be done

On Monday the 13th, banks will resume public attention in a general way, although it will be limited and restricted, in accordance with the provisions of Communication A6958 of the Central Bank. As established by the monetary authority, clients will only be able to attend branches on the day of the week assigned according to … Read more