Profile of Jorge Noguera Cotes former director of the DAS who regains his freedom – Crimes – Justice

In the next few hours, as soon as your freedom ticket is sent to Inpec, Jorge Aurelio Noguera Cotes will leave the ‘parapolitical’ ward of La Picota prison, after paying 13 years in prison of the 25 to which he was sentenced for the homicide of Professor Alfredo Correa de AndrĂ©is, a ruling that was … Read more

Sony announced when the Play Station 5 will go on sale in Argentina

Argentine gamers will have to wait until December 4 to have the Play Station 5 in your hands, the date on which the Sony company announced its launch for our country. They have not yet confirmed when the pre-sale will begin. The Digital Version of the PS5 (only digital video games can be played) will … Read more

INTOX or INTOX on the Xbox Series X: Philou Spencaire confirms that the console will be released in Early Access

After having used the wooden tongue for many months, Philou Spencaire, director of branch Xbox in Microsoft, gave us an exclusive interview: Mr. Spencaire, we have the impression that the console is not ready. We still haven’t seen any gameplay recorded on the machine, we haven’t had any demonstration of the power of the console, … Read more