Keys to the hearing in which it must be defined if Álvaro Uribe is free – Investigation – Justice

The decision of the Prosecutor’s Office to advance the investigation against former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez under the rules of the new accusatory criminal system would be key when defining whether the former president should continue with a security measure or if he is immediately released. The defense of the former president formally requested a […]

Mac computers will have Apple processors – Córdoba News –

Mac computers will have Apple processors The company confirmed that the first system with this technology will be available by the end of the year With the aim of improving the performance of its computers, Apple announced the transition from Mac to the company’s own processors. As confirmed by the signing of the Manzanita, developers […]

Power outages in Bogotá | Neighborhoods that will have power cuts for today, Friday, October 9 – Bogotá

Due to maintenance work, several neighborhoods in Bogotá will have power outages this Friday, October 9. The Enel-Codensa company announced which will be the locations and areas with temporary power service suspensions. (You may be interested in: Be careful, there will be a peak and plaque on the South highway during the holiday bridge) Aranda […]

PlayStation 5 will not have one of the most successful football games available

“Our friends at Xbox have been asking us for years to go back to their consoles. That’s why both Football Manager 2019 and Football Manager 2020 ended up on Game Pass at the end of their cycles, and now Football Manager is out on Xbox One and Series X / S. ”explained Miles Jacobson, game […]

In River there will be new swabs for the game against San Pablo

The campus of River Plate will undergo a new series of tests for the detection of coronavirus, before the practice that will take place behind closed doors in Ezeiza ahead of Wednesday’s clash with San Pablo, on the Independiente court, for the fifth date of Group D of the Liberators cup. The swabs, a Conmebol […]

Annie Cordy dies: funeral will take place in Cannes on Saturday

She will be buried in the family vault. LTributes to Annie Cordy, who died on Friday at the age of 92, continued to flow on Saturday from the entertainment world, but also from the political world and even from PSG, before a funeral scheduled for next Saturday in Cannes. “To retrace her seventy years of […]

Fall Guys: the bidding war ends with a donation of $ 1,000,000, 2 influencers and 2 brands will be entitled to their skin!

No need to present Fall Guys, the summer game that has already attracted millions of players on PC and PS4. The madness around the title extends to social networks, and in particular on Twitter where the Community Manager entertains an entire community with hijackings, rooming and conversations coming out of nowhere with others CM. His […]

Bogota | Water cuts from July 22 to 24 – Bogotá

The Bogotá Aqueduct and Sewer Company will do maintenance work this week. Therefore, some neighborhoods may be without service for a few hours. In this note we mention what they are: (It may interest you: Clash between Corabastos and the mayor for infections and extortion) Wednesday July 22 Chapinero El Chicó: From 88th street to […]