Willy Crook in Music at home | News | Buenos Aires City

The Directorate General of Music, dependent on culture Ministry, and the City Canal in collaboration with the record label Plaza Independencia Music, present their television program, “Music at Home”, a cycle of meetings with established artists of different genres in the intimate and warm atmosphere of their homes, typical of the context of the pandemic … Read more

Murder Willy, makes a post against fascist culture also shared by Chiara Ferragni and hackers obscure it

On her “SpaghettiPolitics” profile, Michela Grasso, 21 years old from Varese, a student of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, had expressed a clear opinion on the case a few days ago of the murder of Willy Monteiro and on the fascist, machista and xenophobic culture that can be identified behind the massacre of … Read more

Starting for fun, Nikita Willy is grateful that her property business is well known

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Apart from being an actress, Nikita Willy known as a businessman in the property sector. Nikita Willy has been involved property business since the age of 15. In the podcast Sandiaga Uno, the actress who is only 26 years old, said that her property business is becoming increasingly popular. Also read: The … Read more

Nikita Willy Emotion Labrak and Block Joshua Suherman, What’s up?

Jakarta, Insertlive – Nikita Willy tells ever hit the best friend Joshua Suherman for interfering in his personal affairs. The story is told by Indra Priawan’s fiancé in a podcast guided by Jordi Onsu. In the video uploaded on YouTube, Jordy tells about Nikita who ever hit Joshua. Jordi admitted that he had listened to … Read more

10 Super Magnificent Portrait of Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan

Good news came from young actress Nikita Willy and her lover, Indra Priawan Djokosoetono. After a long enough romance, the couple finally decided to hold an application event on Sunday (07/26/2020). Held very magnificently, the application process of Nikita and Indra was held at the Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta. Now, what kind of a super luxurious … Read more

Lamar Nikita Willy, Indra Priawan Tear Flood

Nikita Willy and lover, Indra Priawan. Photo: Instagram jpnn.com, JAKARTA – actress Nikita Willy officially proposed by her lover, Indra Priawan Djokosoetono. The application program was held in private at the Darmawangsa Hotel, South Jakarta on Sunday (7/26). The historic moment for Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan was colored with sobs. Especially when Indra said … Read more

Wrapped in a Green Dress, Nikita Willy Radiates Her Beauty

Jakarta, Insertlive – Beautiful pesinetron and businessman Nikita Willy, finally officially proposed by her lover, Indra Priawan. Their engagement procession was held at the Darmawangsa hotel, South Jakarta, on Sunday (7/26) in private. In that touching event, Nikita wrapped in a light green dress. With the dress, this familiar woman called Niki radiates her beauty. … Read more