Prime Minister Wilmès (MR) on first “Vivaldi meeting”: “There is now momentum for a majority government”

Which is the preference of Sophie Wilmès. She was asked the question in “The Morning” on Radio 1, but Wilmès danced around it a bit. What is important to her, she says, is that there will be a government that has a majority in parliament and can work out a fully-fledged plan for the economic … Read more

Wilmès satisfied, Boerenbond angry with European agreement

Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès calls the European Council’s deal ‘at the level of the European challenges we have to face’. Belgium does incur losses on the Common Agricultural Fund, and the Boerenbond does not want that. Around half past five on Tuesday morning, the 27 European Heads of State or Government reached an agreement … Read more

Prime Minister Wilmès whistles De Crem back: ‘No official council to …

After the consultation committee, Minister of the Interior Pieter De Crem (CD&V) advised Belgians who have not yet booked a trip to stay in Belgium. But the borders remain open and Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR) emphasized that this is not official advice. He said this after the Consultation Committee had spoken to the VRT … Read more

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR) after criticizing corona figures: “I have asked for daily figures again”, Van Gucht: “Quite simply”

Van Gucht finds the criticism that this is not fine-grained enough “not entirely justified”. “The health inspector also needs to make an analysis first. If they notice that something specific is going on, at a particular community or meeting, they can signal it and propose measures.” Yet he also admits: “It can always be faster, … Read more

Wilmès warns: “Reproduction number is above 1 again”

©  Photo News Prime Minister Wilmès warned on Wednesday about the Security Council: the reproduction number (R) is again higher than one. So we must be vigilant. Remarkable: Sciensano uses a completely different figure. Dries De Smet Today at 14:15 According to the calculations of UHasselt and UAntwerp, the R-value today is 1.05. That means … Read more