Watch.. A video circulated of a Lebanese fortune-teller who expected Morocco to win and qualify for the semi-finals a year before the World Cup

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Lebanese fortune-teller, Lily Abdel-Latif, sparked controversy on social media, immediately after the Moroccan national team defeated its Portuguese counterpart 1-0 and qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar. A video was circulated of the Lebanese fortune-teller, recorded about a year ago, in which she predicted that an Arab team … Read more

Video: Iranian fans celebrate with an Israeli channel reporter after their team’s victory over Wales!

Iranian fans, along with an Israeli channel reporter, appeared in the midst of Iran’s victory over Wales in their World Cup soccer match in Qatar. Iranian fans appeared very happy, during a correspondence with an Israeli delegate to Doha to cover the World Cup in a live broadcast on one of the Hebrew channels, while … Read more

Al-Ahed and Nejmeh win the Lebanese Football Championship

Al-Ahed, the defending champion, started his career in the 63rd Lebanese Football League, by defeating Al-Akhaa Al-Ahly Aley 2-1, in the match that took place between them this afternoon at Amin Abdel Nour Municipal Stadium in Bhamdoun, at the end of the first stage. Mohamed Haidar scored the victory for Al-Ahed from a penalty kick … Read more

Supercomputer predicts the possibility of Liverpool winning the Premier League

A supercomputer has come up with the odds of Liverpool winning the English Premier League title, as well as the odds of the top four teams qualifying for the Champions League. According to supercomputer calculations, the team that will win the English Premier League football championship is Manchester City with a percentage of 93 percent, … Read more

The Suns shine in the third quarter in a big win over the Mavericks

Devin Booker scored 28 points and led the Phoenix Suns to perfection in the third quarter to beat the Dallas Mavericks 110-80 and lead them 3-2 in the best-of-seven series semi-finals of the NBA Western Conference Playoffs last night. Booker scored 12 points, and Deandre Eaton, who finished the match with 20 points, added eight … Read more

Ronaldo comments on a post mocking Messi’s winning of the Ballon d’Or

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo sparked controversy by commenting on a post against Lionel Messi, after the latter won the Ballon d’Or the day before yesterday. And one of the accounts in support of Cristiano Ronaldo published on the social networking site “Instagram”, a post for the Portuguese star, in which he confirmed that he … Read more

Shabab al-Sahel won by four over Tripoli, and wisdom over solidarity

“Shabab Al-Sahel” achieved a wide victory in the 62nd Lebanese Football League, for the second week in a row, at the expense of “Tripoli Sports Club” with a clean four-0 (first half 2-0), in the match that took place between them this afternoon at Nadi Stadium. Al-Ahed on the airport road in the third stage. … Read more