Weather in the City of Buenos Aires: Thursday, October 22

Thursday, Buenos aires city: maximum temperature 18º, minimum 14º. The sky will be overcast, more rain and some storms are expected. Humidity: 83%, Pressure: 1020.2 hPa, winds between 12 and 56 km / h. Visibility 8 km. Sunrise 6:03 a.m., sunset 7:14 p.m. Extended forecast: Friday October 23: temperatures between 14º and 22º. Partly cloudy […]

Weather in the City of Buenos Aires: Wednesday, October 21

Wednesday, Buenos aires city: maximum temperature 17º, minimum 13º. The sky will be mostly cloudy with rains that would be arriving from 5:00 p.m. Humidity: 53%, Pressure: 1022.9 hPa, winds between 23 and 62 km / h. Visibility 10 km. Sunrise 6:05 am, Sunset 7:13 pm. Extended forecast: Thursday, October 22: temperatures between 13º and […]

Huawei will create its first 5G antenna factory outside of China in France | Companies

Huawei has announced its plans to build a wireless communications equipment factory in France, specializing in 4G and 5G equipment. The company, whose 5G technology has been vetoed by the US and other countries, seeks with this movement to eliminate doubts about the security of its technology from European governments and operators. It is the […]

is inspired by the movie Gone with the Wind –

Those who say that the Chilean farm where La China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña They pass this section of the quarantine it is “of a movie” they are quite well rumbed: architecture analysts and decoration specialists say that the exceptional property, designed by one of the gallant’s brothers, is inspired by the house that has […]

Weather forecasters warn of wind damage on Thursday. Orange alert announced – Weather –

The Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center has issued an orange warning on the entire Latvian coast on Thursday, and a yellow warning elsewhere in the country. The wind will break the trees, loose objects and debris may be carried through the air, power outages may occur. The greatest wind damage is expected in Riga […]

Weather forecast: Slightly lower temperatures due to increasing north wind | NOW

A growing north wind means that less hot air will flow into the country on Wednesday. In the afternoon the temperatures rise to 21 to 29 degrees. It will be warmest in the southeast of the country. On Wednesday, cloud fields move across the country, although the sun can also be seen. Especially in the […]

‘Bomb under all Dutch wind farms’ | Inland

There is a lot of resistance in the region against the construction of a wind farm in the Drenthe Peat Colonies. Ⓒ ANP / HH AMSTERDAM – In a new lawsuit against a controversial wind farm in the Veenkoloniën, the validity of the permit granting for all other Dutch wind farms is also at stake. […]

Nintendo Switch, the console imagined 15 years before its release

Nintendo has been the victim of numerous leaks in recent times. Another leak in recent days has revealed a “portable GameCube” with docking station, as a successor to the cube d’Apple from Nintendo. Years before the debut of the Nintendo Switch, it seems that Nintendo considered making a device that would have allowed for gameplay […]

Four-centimeter hail, wind and downpours. Strong storms will hit the north of Moravia

Heavy storms will hit the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions on Saturday evening, meteorologists warn. Thunderstorms should be accompanied by strong winds and heavy rains. There is a risk of hail in some places, hail should be up to four centimeters in size. The warning issued by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute lasts from Saturday 20:00 to […]

Apple to build the world’s two largest wind turbines | Socialnetlink

In the context of offsetting all of its emissions of CO2 by 2030, Apple will build two marine wind turbines offshore in Denmark which will be among the largest in the world. Like Microsoft, Dell and many others, Apple has vowed to reduce its carbon emissions as much as possible. The objective is also clear […]