The reality-themed drama “The Wind Blows Pinellia” restores the style of the 1990s and shapes the group image of the era to reproduce the entrepreneurial struggle-International Online

The reality-themed drama “The Wind Blows Pinellia” restores the style of the 1990s and shapes the group image of the era to reproduce the entrepreneurial struggle The reality-themed drama “The Wind Blows Pinellia” is currently being broadcast on the platform and satellite TV. This group portrait drama tells the story of small and medium-sized business … Read more

Sicily: 1100 hires with new wind farm

They are arriving in Sicily thousands of recruitments with the construction of a new wind farm. The construction of the infrastructure requires the use of 1100 personnel unitsto which they will be added additional 750 resources to be used to manage the site once started. Here’s what to know about the future jobs in Sicily … Read more

For lack of wind and sun, nuclear and gas provide us with electricity these days

This episode of “dunkelflaute” coincides in any case with a rise in electricity prices on the wholesale market. “While prices fluctuated around 200 euros for a megawatt hour in previous weeks, you can double that in recent days. With nightly peaks of more than 500 euros per megawatt hour”, explains Matthias Detremmerie, co-founder and trader … Read more

The re-creation of “The Wind Blows Pinellia” with realistic themes has a vivid picture of the struggle of the times jqknews

<!–enpproperty 361964132022-11-29 12:58:35.0现实题材剧集再创作 《风吹半夏》有鲜活的时代拼搏图景 27516影视电视资讯/enpproperty–> Young people with lofty ambitions, dare to think and fight, seize the opportunities of the times, and embrace their own future with struggle. In “Wind Blowing Pinellia”, which was launched on November 27 by iQiyi, young people’s hard work and spirit of daring to challenge the future brought a group … Read more

Wind gusts over 85 km/h. Dozens of interventions by firefighters

The province of Caserta under the grip of rain and strong winds that have done a lot of damage. The strongest gusts were recorded in Caserta and Pignataro Maggiore (here the wind exceeded 85 km per hour). From this morning all the teams of the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade of Caserta and of … Read more

Horrified! 16 semi-permanent rentals collapsed in West Jakarta hit by rain and wind

Jakarta – A total of 16 collapsed building in Jelambar, West Jakarta, this afternoon. Dozens of buildings collapsed as a result of being hit rain accompanied by strong winds at location. “The affected objects are 16 semi-permanent rental units,” said the Head of BPBD DKI Jakarta Isnawa Adji in a statement to journalists, Saturday (26/11/2022). … Read more

95 GW from offshore wind farms: Terna will connect the new plants to the grid by the end of the year

During the workshop “Renewables Evolution – Offshore 2022”, held on 22 November in Rome, Terna shared the numbers of grid connection requests from new gree plants. In October, applications reached a total value of approx 300 GW of power (of which 36% from solar sources and 74% from onshore and offshore wind sources). A significant … Read more

According to Mercedes, the wind tunnel restriction of Red Bull will have an effect

After the energy drink makers broke budget cap rules in 2021, the stable was fined $7 million and You can spend 10 percent less time with wind tunnel developments in the next year or so. Since, moreover, the Red Bull won the constructors’ championship this year, according to Formula 1’s sports regulations, it could only … Read more

What happened to Europe’s wind farms when they were most needed? | Business

“We need clean, cheaper and local energy,” European Union President Ursula von der Leyen said in August. But European wind turbine manufacturers, the crown jewel of the region’s green energy sector, are reporting losses and laying off workers. Their problems stem in part from lingering supply chain disruptions and competition with Chinese manufacturers, and these … Read more

Mercedes: Red Bull will feel the impact of the 25% wind tunnel loss

The Mercedes team boss is sure that Red Bull will feel the effects of the wind tunnel restriction. They would take advantage of this to get closer to them. Everyone evaluated Red Bull’s punishment for financial violations depending on their own interests. In addition to the $7 million fine, the Bulls were hit with a … Read more