Windows Defender’s built-in antivirus reduces Intel CPU multi-core performance by 6%, AMD is not affected for the time being | 4Gamers

Kevin Glynn, a contributing author of the foreign media TechPowerUp, discovered when developing software that Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus software in Windows, had an error when running in the background, which in turn affected CPU performance. Kevin Glynn found that when the CPU is fully loaded, the CPU effective clock reported by the detection … Read more

Windows 11, the KB5014668 update fixes a serious Wi-Fi problem

Microsoft fixes an important Wi-Fi failure in Windows 11 with a cumulative update. Optional, it is available through the Windows Update service. Downloading and installing it requires manual intervention. This Wi-Fi bug has been a known issue for a while now. It prevents certain devices from connecting to the Internet via a Wi-Fi access point. … Read more

Microsoft Will Revoke Windows 8.1 Support Early Next Year

Jakarta – Current user Windows 8.1 may be counted on the fingers. But for loyal Windows 8.1 users, Microsoft announced that the operating system will be discontinued on January 10, 2023. So that users don’t forget, Microsoft will provide notifications to devices that are still running Windows 8.1. The first notification will be given in … Read more

AMD graphics card from 10 years ago, updated to the latest Windows 10 drivers

AMD has released adrenaline drivers for older graphics cards 10 years after it was released. The driver distributed this time is version 22.6.1 of Adrenaline, which is made to support virtually all existing and used AMD graphics cards, including the relatively recent R9 Fury series, as well as the older HD series including the Nano … Read more

Can your computer be upgraded to Windows 11 22H2? One Trick Detection | XFastest News

Windows 11 22H2 will start rolling out in the fall of 2022 and is expected to offer plenty of improvements along with some new features. While Windows 11 22H2 won’t actually change the hardware requirements, Microsoft has quietly enabled a registry that will allow you to check for compatibility with upcoming updates. If it’s not … Read more

Windows 8.1 will enter history on January 10 next year, but still more than 3% of the world is used

Microsoft earlierAnnouncecode-named “Blue” in the past, and the first official version of Windows 8.1 on October 17, 2013, will terminate the extended technical support service on January 10, 2023, which means that this operating system will officially enter the history. . Windows 8.1 will enter history on January 10 next year, but still more than … Read more

Euro profile windows, what is worth knowing before choosing them?

Windows are not just a natural source of light or heat in your home. At the same time, it is the revival of the house’s exterior or interior or the formation of new concepts. Of course, the wide choice between different types of windows and their combination in the space of an apartment or individual … Read more

Mars rover Mars Express escapes Windows 98 after 19 years

The European Space Agency (ESA) has performed a software upgrade for the 20-year Mars rover ‘Mars Express’. With the system update of the observation equipment developed based on Windows 98, it is now possible to see the surface of Mars and its satellites in more detail. Recently, according to US GDNet, ESA announced that it … Read more

Microsoft announces end of support for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for January 2023, Windows 10 for October 14, 2025

The pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China were built to last forever. Computer hardware and software? Not really. According to StatCounter, Windows 8 and 8.1 still make up about 4.3% of the Windows install base worldwide, however, Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for January 2023. … Read more