A new unified chat service that promises to bring Apple’s iMessage to Android and Windows

Beeper is a new service that officially arrives today to offer users who subscribe to its service, at a price of $ 10 per month, the possibility of communicating through different existing messaging platforms from the same interface in a unified way, being compatible with the main desktop and mobile operating systems. In principle, it … Read more

Minecraft unifies the launcher of its games in Windows 10

The best-selling game ever keeps getting better. People thought at the time that Microsoft would destroy the Minecraft experience and its legacy. However, it is still just as popular or even more popular than before and it seems that people’s fears were exaggerated. Now, they seek to unify experiences in a single launcher. A launcher … Read more

The new Windows 10 copies an iconic element of Apple macOS

We know that Windows 10 will radically change its design in June. Much of what we’ve seen so far is very reminiscent of Apple’s macOS interface. The transparencies, the type of icons, the use of space, the redesigned control panels and, now, even the rounded corners that have been the hallmark of the Mac operating … Read more

Windows 10: Microsoft still does not fix dangerous data corruption bug

Just a few days ago, we reported on the discovery of a bug in Windows 10 that could cause the loss of your file system on your hard drive. This corrupts the master table in the operating system and Microsoft you just confirmed that you still can’t find a solution. The news stems from a … Read more

Windows 10X fuga, Windows 10 Sunvalley maqueta, Surface Pro 7 Plus, CES 2021 resumen »OnMSFT.com

Check out OnPodcast about these streaming services Speaking of the Latest Windows 10 Rumors, New Surface Hardware, and More Hello everyone and welcome back to OnPodcast – the OnMSFT.com podcast. This is our weekly podcast series with our contributing writers, Kareem Anderson and Arif Bacchus. This week, there was a lot of Microsoft and Surface … Read more

Apple is working on the Windows 10 versions of Music and Podcasts

L ‘ iPhone It is the star product of the Apple catalog, however Musica is the flagship service of the brand. A significant source of revenue, it is one of the giant’s “big” products that must find its way across as many platforms as possible. This explains Apple’s ambition to offer it in competitive environments … Read more