BMKG Weather Early Warning: Rain Accompanied by Strong Winds in 4 DKI Regions

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency or BMKG issues an early warning of potential weather rain in four areas of Jakarta today, Tuesday, November 23, 2021. “Be aware of the potential for rain accompanied by lightning in the South Jakarta, Central Jakarta, West Jakarta and East Jakarta areas in the afternoon and … Read more

WINDS Stormy arriving with gusts up to 100 km / h and storm surges. Disruption risk during the week. Details »

Weather: Winds Stormy arriving with gusts up to 100 km / h and storm surges. Disruption risk during the week. Details Gale winds coming to ItalyIn the next days the weather conditions are expected in forte worsening: currents with more and more characteristics are coming winter. In addition to a lot of rainfall, we expect … Read more

“Strong winds, pay attention to the maintenance of public parks”

While the city is facing the usual inconveniences due to rain, the Civil Protection of the Campania Region has the weather alert has been extended by 24 hours “yellow” color already branched out from midnight yesterday to 11.59 today. The weather conditions will therefore remain on alert until 11.59 pm tomorrow Tuesday 23 November. The … Read more

Gamma Rays Detected from Strong Winds Galactic Black Hole – All Pages

NASA/JPL-Caltech Illustration of super-fast winds from a galaxy’s supermassive black hole escaping into space.—Using data collected by the Large Area Telescope aboard NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and a stacking technique that combines signals that are too weak to be observed alone, the researchers were able to detect gamma rays from UFO (ultra-fast outflows) … Read more

News 24 | Meteorology: Warnings of rain and thunderstorms in several areas, active winds and raised dust in others

Today (Saturday), the National Center of Meteorology issued several warnings of rain and thunderstorms, moderate to heavy rain in a number of areas, active winds and raised dust accompanied by low visibility in others. He explained that parts of the regions of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah will witness thunderstorms accompanied by activity in the … Read more

Gamma rays illustrate the role of UFO winds in galaxy evolution

MADRID, 10 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – Observations with NASA’s Fermi Space Telescope have revealed gamma rays of powerful winds launched from very close supermassive black holes. Scientists believe that these UFO (ultra-fast outflows) They play an important role in regulating the growth of the black hole itself and its host galaxy, and their observation provides … Read more

Strong winds delay astronaut return to Earth

The space capsule should have left the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday. But strong winds at the landing site off the coast of Florida have led to the return from the ISS being postponed until Monday at the earliest, Nasa states. According to the plan, the space capsule will land in the sea on … Read more

# dziedundejo2021 folk dance concert “The sun winds a golden ornament” / Article

At the folk dance concert “Sun winds a golden ornament” with an annual story, the Year of the Sun will be danced in four dance braids – from the summer solstice to the next summer solstice, showing that our ancestors celebrated not only Midsummer, Christmas and Easter, but also many other days : St. Michael’s … Read more

STORM WINDS at 100 km / h and storm surges across many REGIONS. The Areas most at Risk »

Meteo Chronicle Direct Bad weather: STORM WINDS at 100 km / h and storm surges in many REGIONS. The Areas Most at Risk Winds of storm coming over ItalyOn the sea of ​​Sicily a dangerous Medicane, literally “hurricane of the Mediterranean” which is triggering abundant rainfall in Sicily and Calabria with storm winds with gusts … Read more

The storm that hit Western Europe brought strong winds

Local media reported that four people were injured in the Dutch town of Barendrecht on the southern outskirts of Rotterdam by strong gusts of wind robbing roof tiles and felling trees early in the morning. The storm, which reached the Atlantic coast of Brittany on Wednesday afternoon, slid east at night, turning trees and tearing … Read more