Tyler Winklevoss: “Bitcoin will be your only refuge”

The CEO and co-founder of the Gemini exchange, Tyler Winklevoss, assured that Bitcoin (BTC) it will become in “the only refuge”After the monetary issuance policies that are being debated in the United States. The entrepreneur cited an article that talked about the stimulus package that will be discussed again in the short term by the … Read more

Cameron Winklevoss highlighted DeFi protocols: “They are not the same as ICO craze in 2007”

While his brother Tyler constantly expresses through Twitter his enthusiasm for increased adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), Cameron Winklevoss praised another growing sector in emerging markets. The co-founder of the Gemini exchange endorsed decentralized finance protocols (DeFi) and stressed that “they have real value.” Currently, these types of protocols have an approximate value of eight billion … Read more

Bitcoin would hit half a million dollars, according to the Winklevoss twins

Key facts: The printing of trillions of dollars would be one of the drivers of inflation. As a safe haven asset, bitcoin shows some advantages over gold. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, well-known entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency market, believe that the economic crisis in the United States could push the price of bitcoin to $ 500,000 … Read more