Phones of military officials also wiped in Capitol storming case

EPA NOS News•yesterday, 09:18•Amended yesterday, 09:31 The US Department of Defense has deleted the contents of the phones of outgoing military officials at the end of Donald Trump’s presidential term. For example, messages from key witnesses to the Capitol storming on January 6, 2021 were erased. This is apparent from court papers that were seen … Read more

A rocket housewife challenges the most famous dancer with a scandalous dance compass from her bedroom. I wiped Safinaz.. watch

Arts – Amir Al-Tohamy wrote on Monday, July 25, 2022 05:06 pm – A video clip of a housewife dancing in a strange way from the usual spread on social media. In the clip, which was circulated by activists on Twitter, a housewife dances a popular dance in an exciting way that won the admiration … Read more

“You would reconcile if we were wiped out,” they feared for Balta. NATO has promised reinforcements

NATO’s previous strategic document from 2010 referred to Russia as a “strategic partner”. In this year’s edition, it is already “the most significant direct threat to the security of allies and to peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region”. The strengthening of the military presence on the Eastern flank of the Alliance will depend on … Read more

Kallas: According to NATO’s current defense plans, Estonia would be wiped off the face of the earth

In an interview with the publication, the Prime Minister said that NATO’s current plans take into account the fact that the Baltic states may remain occupied by Russia for 180 days. Kallas noted that more than 100 days have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “If we compare the size of Ukraine and the … Read more

60-year-old mother of Garik Kharlamov wiped her nose to Kristina Asmus

Netizens compared the two main female comedians. Fans of Garik Kharlamov were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of his 60-year-old mother. Judging by the photo published on the social network, by her age Natalia Kharlamova has not lost her feminine position. She looks amazing in a bathing suit. Willy-nilly, the artist’s followers compared Natalia with … Read more

They robbed us, we didn’t even get a penny, Pelta thundered and wiped himself on women’s football

To the address of the President of the National Sports Agency: “Filip Neusser has less influence than the presidents of the big sports.” On the margins of sport funding:Unions are about life, they need to be targeted there. As the head of the association, I can’t imagine that everything from significant investments will go to … Read more

A drunk BMW driver wiped out a traffic light in front of police officers who worked in a raid night

About 11:40 p.m. Laisvės ave. and T. Narbuto st. at the intersection, a drunk driver knocked down a traffic light. The BMW was driven by two guys and a girl. The slightly injured driver was taken to hospital. He blew about two per mille with the first blow and 1.7 in the second. The passengers … Read more

A stunning discovery. Scientists have apparently found part of an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) called the discovery of a small fragment of the asteroid astonishing. “This is one of the most significant discoveries at a unique fossil site in Hell Creek, North Dakota. This place has preserved the remains of a cataclysmic moment that ended the dinosaur era – a turning … Read more