Isn’t this simple… the wires are lightly bent and the crocodile; Afraid Spectators – Video

Crocodiles and alligators are leaders in terms of strength. When combined, they can capture any animal regardless of its size or prowess. But now there is a video that shows how powerful these are. Rex Chapman, a former American professional basketball player, shared a video that clearly shows that alligators are much more dangerous than … Read more

Introducing techniques for storing wires, computer desks, not cluttered, comfortable on the eyes, more pleasant to work, update 2022

Techniques to store wires, computer desks, not cluttered, comfortable on the eyes, pleasant to sit at work Update 2022 The problem of cluttered wires is everywhere. Not only homes that use PC computers, but also other electronic devices. which also requires electricity resulting in many People have problems with cluttered wires. Whether it’s a matter … Read more

Plane flies into power wires, occupants only rescued after hours

Reuters NOS News•yesterday, 03:30•Amended yesterday, 06:42 A small plane has become entangled in the wires of a power line in the US state of Maryland. The two occupants could only be rescued after hours by the rescue services. View images of the plane in the high-voltage pylon here: Airplane in Maryland power pylon The rescue … Read more

Explosion in Przewodowo. President Duda revealed: There was a second rocket

President Andrzej Duda together with the presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Romania, took part in an international conference on the future of Europe in Kaunas, Lithuania, on Friday. Andrzej Duda, asked at a press conference, at what stage is the investigation into the November 15 rocket explosion in Wires (Lubelskie Voivodeship) emphasized that “it was … Read more

wires. Media: Investigation without the participation of Ukraine

“The prosecutor’s office will not agree to include the Ukrainian side in the investigation rocket explosion in Przewodowowho killed two men “- “Rzeczpospolita” found out. A person familiar with the case said that it would be against the procedures. of Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defense system – says Rzeczpospolita’s informant. Meanwhile, on Friday, the head of the … Read more

“Wires were hidden in a sewer pipe”

The Eupen Criminal Court looked into a questioning file on Monday. A resident of Raeren in his seventies is being prosecuted for the manipulation of his electricity meter as well as for the theft of electricity. Contrary to what one might imagine, this modification of the meter did not allow the supply of electricity to … Read more

NASA identifies strange ‘ball of tangled wires’ found on Mars

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Each slightly strange image from Mars intrigues the public to the highest degree. Lately, it was some sort of tangled ball of string that had aroused intense curiosity. The enigma has just been solved by NASA. The image had been transmitted to Earth via … Read more Rotten wires can steal your electricity: why are resistance measurements necessary? | Business

It should be reminded right away – due to the strict regulation of the works, only people have the right to measure the resistance certified and certified electricians. registered electricians and companies make their certificates public. Normally, the price of resistance measurement varies between 40-100 euros. Of course, the amount can change if repairs … Read more

With wires and soda cans, a 12-year-old Senegalese boy built a telescope that allows him to see the surface of the Moon – FayerWayer

The interest in space phenomena and the hours of reading the book, The Whole Universe, was what prompted Malick Ndiaye to design a telescope with the few resources he had. The boy born in Senegal, just 12 years old, used some old high-magnification glasses that his father used, a camera lens, wire, paper, cans and … Read more

BREAKING NEWS : Bomb-like object with timer and wires found in Solo City Hall area Reporter, Agil Tri TRIBUNSOLO.COM, SOLO – An object suspected of being a bomb was found north of the office Solo City GovernmentWednesday (30/3/2022) morning. Precisely in Sugiyopranoto No2, RT 03, Kampung Baru Village, Pasarkliwon District. According to information compiled by, an object such as a package was found by a janitor on the … Read more