Geert Wilders (PVV) demolishes quarantine droppings withdrawing Hugo de Jonge (CDA)

Anyone who has been close to a person infected with the corona virus is obliged to be quarantined, Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge (CDA) ordered Tuesday evening. And who does not stick to that, is at risk of prosecution (and that can add up up to four years in prison or 87,000 euros to … Read more

A scandal in the first round of the season. “We are withdrawing the club from the tournament. Błazenada” Football

It was the 88th minute of the meeting Spartak Moscow with PFK Sochi in the first round of the new Russian season league. The hosts were leading 2: 1, but the guests were attacking. One of their players received a pass into the penalty area, fired a shot, and then burst into one of Spartak’s … Read more

The well-known carmaker is withdrawing from Europe, Mitsubishi has several reasons for this step Car

Prague Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi has announced that it will withdraw from Europe. The new Outlander SUV models or the Eclipse Cross hybrid have not yet reached European markets, and the company will continue to focus on Southeast Asia. <!—-> Financial problems led the company to decide. In the first quarter of 2020, the company sold … Read more

Sasin got scared of the unionists? Behind the scenes of withdrawing from the mine closure plan

Yesterday in Warsaw and today in Katowice meetings of representatives of the Ministry of State Assets and media representatives were held. The meeting in the capital was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin, and today in Katowice, incl. Jonasz Drabek, mining representative. Journalists from, among others, TOK FM, PAP, the editor-in-chief of Wojciech … Read more