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Documentary shows how badly Bernhoven Hospital was hit by the corona crisis

The Bernhoven Hospital in Uden suffered a lot during the peak of the corona crisis. It was precisely during this period that filmmaker Marc Pos got a unique insight into the daily routine of the hospital. This resulted in the documentary ‘Resilience: fight against corona’, which can be seen from 11 September at Videoland. In … Read more

Tales of Crestoria: The Wake of Sin, an animated short film about the world of mobile gaming announced with a first trailer

It was during the month of July that finally came out Tales of Crestoria, a rather ambitious mobile game for the license on this type of medium. Since then, new content including events have appeared, with even recently the addition of part 2 of chapter 5 of the adventure. Bandai Namco Obviously betting a lot … Read more

How to lose 50 kilos by eating homemade food and without extra exercise

Although Pratima Lokwani is only 25 years old, the truth is that she has always known that she was overweight. He is only 1.60 tall, but weighed more than 112 kilos, obviously something excessive given his small stature. That is why he made the determination to slim down and return to a weight much more … Read more

Without grudges, BlackRock rearms its numerous businesses in Argentina

This somewhat optimistic view of the future outlook for Argentina held by BlackRock and other funds is not free. There are many who will publicly be maximum and constant militants of an agreement between the Government of Alberto Fernández and the Monetary Fund. And, if possible, with a plan designed by the agency and not … Read more

“My son can’t even speak anymore”

Posted on Saturday August 15, 2020 at 12:42 p.m. In the Netherlands, a young man was assaulted by a stranger while he was with his girlfriend. A 21-year-old young man was the victim of a violent assault on Wednesday evening in Gasselte, a town in the Netherlands south of Groningen. According to relatives of the … Read more

Monster walk, discover the perfect exercise for your glutes without leaving home

Exercising is wonderful to lead a life healthier, it also helps us clear our mind And leave our problems on the table for a while But we cannot ignore the effects it produces on our body. Makes us feel more agile, helps us to be more flexible, to eliminate pain and to avoid possible future … Read more

92 Percent of Corona Patients in Bantul Are Symptomatic People

Merdeka.com – Bantul District Health Office, Special Region of Yogyakarta noted as much as 92 percent of the total positive corona confirmation cases in this area were asymptomatic people (OTG), or patients showed no complaints of symptoms of the virus. “From the positive cases up to now our records are around 92 percent are OTG, … Read more

Can you lose weight without having to exercise? Yes, but …

17/07/2020 11:29 – Updated: 07/17/2020 11:30 Can you lose weight without exercising? That is one of the questions that arise when we propose lose weight. There are many who, due to lack of time, desire, injuries or, simply, because they do not like playing sports, consider whether their attempt to shed those extra kilos can … Read more