Students witnessed a classmate being robbed while in class by zoom

A young woman was assaulted at her residence, in front of her classmates, while attending a zoom class in Ecuador. “Profe, they are robbing Majo’s house,” said one of the students who saw how three armed and hooded men entered his partner’s home. “Does anyone know where the house is?” “Does anyone have the mother’s … Read more

Rupperswil (AG) – A policeman who witnessed the quadruple murder acquitted

On the sidelines of the sordid homicides that shook the Aargau town in 2015, the head of forensic medicine was accused of having violated official secrecy. Wrong, believe justice. Posted: 08/31/2020, 8:55 p.m. The house where the quadruple murder occurred in 2015. KEYSTONE A policeman on duty in front of the drama house, after the … Read more