THE BALL – Coach surrendered to Messi: «It’s wonderful to see him play» (Argentina )

Lionel Scaloni, coach of Argentina, praised Messi at the press conference, which was attended by A BOLA, previewing the duel with Saudi Arabia. ′′ When we have Messi in the national team we enjoy it to the fullest and we hope everyone does. It’s wonderful to see Messi playing. All praise is few and will … Read more

The brutal judge-beater received a life sentence for the second time, because after the first he was able to continue his wonderful career under a pseudonym

On the weekend the police had to be called to a Russian amateur league hockey match after one of the team’s players named Utyenkov first hit the referee with a stick and then kicked him with a skate. Thus: The match was immediately canceled, “Utenkov” was prosecuted on several levels, as far as the “athletic” … Read more

VIDEO: Hložek shone against St. Louis! He scored two goals and provided a wonderful assist on the third

Source: Depositphotos Cristiano Ronaldo is at war with Manchester United and is looking for a new team. He could head to Bayern Munich, who were already considering him in the summer. According to the Daily Mail, the club has even started negotiations with the star footballer. The offensive star of the Bavarian giant Sadio Mané … Read more

These are the wonderful images of Jupiter captured by the Juno space probe – FayerWayer

The exploration of our own solar system has made significant progress thanks to individual missions to planets such as the Juno project of the NASA. This space probe traveled to Jupiter in 2011 and arrived in 2016. And in addition to collecting data from the gas giant, it does the same with its surroundings. This … Read more

Hernanes chose Turin and bought a house: «Here you live well, and a stone’s throw away are the Langhe, Monferrato, wonderful landscapes»

from Nicola Balice The midfielder has taken root in the city and bought a house Do you remember Hernanes, the Prophet? Football fans have no doubts about it, Juve and Lazio fans in particular, but also those of Inter. Good, the Brazilian midfielder is to all intents and purposes a citizen of Turin. It is … Read more

Alżbeta Lenska showed her daughter. A wonderful mix of parents

Alżbeta Lenska for some time he plays one of the main roles in the series “M like love” The star has recently become famous for stories about her successful sex life with a partner. The actress creates with Rafał Cieszyński a really successful relationship, and recently she boasted on Instagram about the fruit of their … Read more

Exactly as her mother gave birth to her.. Mona Zaki in a wonderful scene when the scene turned into reality. The wonderful scene from the movie “Ashab and Wala Dear”… the hero has arrived

The social networking site has several photos and videos of the famous artist Mona Zaki in her famous movie, which has topped the search list since it was shown on Egyptian screens, and the film met with widespread criticism. Because of the strong scenes in and because of the famous star Mona Zaki, where Mona … Read more

How was the wedding scene of announcer Lee Hyun-joo? “The bride and groom were so wonderful and pretty”

Announcer Lee Hyun-joo / Announcer Park Eun-young Instagram capture While the announcer Lee Hyun-joo (38) announced their marriage, senior announcer Eun-young Park posted a picture after attending Lee’s wedding. On the 8th, announcer Park Eun-young posted on her social networking service (SNS) account, “Finally! Hyun-joo’s wedding, the bride and groom who were so wonderful and … Read more

For adults only, as her mother gave birth to her.. In front of the sea, Mona Farouk, the youth’s longing for a wonderful bikini dance compass, showed her strength.. Watch

From inside the bedroom Mona Farouk lights the youth with a dance compass in the bedroom while she wears a black nightgown during a live broadcast on Facebook for fame Mona Farouk ignites the youth by connecting them to the bedroom The YouTube platform published a video of the artist, Mona Farouk, while she was … Read more

This is the ‘wonderful network’ of dolphins that protects their brains when swimming

When we dive deeper into the water than our body allows, we feel a strong pressure, the opposite happens to other animal species such as cetaceans. This happens thanks to its tail that has the ability to change blood pressure in secondsallowing them to rise and fall from the water very quickly. Just as humans … Read more