Woman missed her wonderful cat so much that she decided to do this to have him with her after his death

A woman from Iowa, United States, made the drastic decision to clone her cat, unable to imagine a life without him when he died. The old woman, a retiree from Cedar Falls, assured a The Courier that the loss of her “wonderful” Mr. Tufts has been the hardest she has ever faced. Before it happened … Read more

Televisión Canaria premieres the successful format ‘Wonderful People’

Canary Television opens tomorrow Friday, from 10 pm, the ‘Wonderful People’ public service program, a format of success contrasted in other regional channels, which recognizes the solidarity actions and the response of the Canaries to situations of discrimination that they witness, such as homophobia, racism or bullying, among other injustices. The first hidden camera of … Read more

Arturo Bonín: “The radio drama provokes a wonderful exercise of imagination” | Argentinian time

On Monday, September 7, a true journey of sounds and imagination begins. It is the radio drama “La Compañía”, which has texts by Raquel Albéniz, Brenda Howlin, Cecilia Legarralde and Selva Palomino and the coordination by Patricia Zangaro (and the advice Maristela Svampa), and a cast made up of Arturo Bonín, Manuel Callau, Anahí Gadda, … Read more

Actor Richard Leper shows his wonderful wedding photo

Christ Paul, who adopted her husband’s surname after the wedding, was seduced by the actor at the beginning of last summer. Well, both have become married couples and posted their big day photos on social networks, receiving hearts, “likes” marks and good wishes. Also, with photos and even videos taken at the Lepera wedding held … Read more

Viral TikTok: young man gives 100 soles banknote to old woman who sells sweets: “you are a wonderful woman and fighter” and captivates thousands on social networks | Lima Bear | Social networks

A video published in TikTok by the user ‘Lima Bear’ (@lima) it has become viral and it has touched thousands of netizens, since it shows the moment in which he makes a noble gesture and gives 100 nuevos soles to a old woman who sold sweets on the street in the middle of a pandemic. … Read more