Zhang Xinzhe is not afraid of offending people to name him “directly beat Faye Wong and Na Ying”

Zhang Xinzhe and Wu Sikai fit together on the show. (Photo/Provided by Chaoshui Music) Reporter Xu Ruilin / Report from Taipei Zhang Xinzhe and Wu Sikai were separated by 18 years, and they joined together on the mainland show “Come and See Our Concert”. The two sang the classic love songs “Overfire” and “Love and … Read more

Inspired by Faye Wong to act, Japanese god-level actress: You must know “First Love First Love” Hikari Manshima- A Day Magazine

Recently, my friends are frantically discussing Netflix’s Japanese drama “First Love”, which is inspired by two divine songs by Utada Hikaru – “First Love” released in 1999 and “First Love” in 2018, especially “First Love” seems to be There is a power that transcends time and space, evoking everyone’s sour and beautiful first love that … Read more

The assistant helped Faye Wong “cover her face and cry” out of the building and was suspected of changing her relationship with Nicholas Tse | International | CTWANT

After the queen Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse reunited in 2014, the two have maintained a low-key relationship, and “Feng Feilian” has always been the focus of attention from the outside world. Recently, a paparazzi photographed that Faye Wong was suspected of covering her face and crying out of the hotel, with her assistant still … Read more

The sexy Ada Wong from Resident Evil was revealed as a strippable action figure. In the photo you can see her breasts

Lightning Studio has unveiled an erotic figure of Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series. The heroine is dressed in a red blouse and black tight-fitting trousers, but if desired, she can be partially undressed. The company made three versions of the figure: a regular one, a special one with torn clothes, and a maximum … Read more

Baim Wong meets an elementary school student whose hair is full of lice, order don’t be inferior and give gifts

SOLOKOMPAS.com – Artist Baim Wong visited an elementary school student (SD) Negeri 1 Sewurejo, Mojogedang District, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java, which went viral after his teacher cleaned his hair full of lice. Previously, the action of the teacher of SD Negeri 1 Sewurejo, Zera Ayu Fatmawati went viral on TikTok for cleaning hundreds of lice … Read more

Viral Scratch Simprug Residents Protest, After Baim Wong Visited the Fire Location, What’s Up?

Jakarta – Baim Wong known as a celebrity and youtube who often provide assistance. High social spirit for people in need, now viral protest doodles simprug residentsafter Baim Wong came to the location fire, reap netizen comments. Sunday (28/8/2022). Some time ago, the father of Kiano Tiger Wong visited the site of a great fire … Read more

Residents Protest After Baim Wong Visited Warteg in Simprug: Content Continues to be Bosque

Jakarta, Insertlive – Baim Wong some time ago visited a Tegal stall (warteg) that survived the terrible fire in the Simprug area, South Jakarta. The purpose of Baim’s arrival was to see the condition of the fire location as well as to find out why the warteg building could not be burned intact. Baim also … Read more

The new Resident Evil 2 Ada Wong figure is shown wearing a sexy bunny costume. There is also a naked version

Collectibles company TR Studio has unveiled a new figure of Ada Wong from the action-horror series Resident Evil in the “super-serious spy bunny” costume. The figurine will be released in several versions: The first one (made in 1/4 scale) is 53 cm high and costs about $230; The second (made in 1/6 scale) is 36 … Read more

Baim Wong ‘One Word’ for Bonge: Monkey!

Jakarta, Insertlive – Bonge went viral after becoming an icon of Citayam Fashion Week making a TikTok video containing a ‘one word’ challenge. When gathering with several Indonesian artists, Bonge asked them to name a word that reflected him. In the video, the first artist Bonge asked was Baim Wong. “Kak Baim, one word dong … Read more

Wong begins implementation of delivery fleet with electric vehicles

In line with its commitment to integrate sustainability into its business strategy and operations, the supermarket chain Wong began the implementation of 65 vehicles based on electricity for the delivery of orders from its APP and its Wong.pe website. This new method of safe and efficient transportation reduces the company’s carbon footprint, as well as … Read more