The word of the year 2022 has been declared ‘occupier’, the non-word – ‘sanction’

The word of the year 2022 was “occupier”, the non-word of the year was “sanction”, but last year’s word string “pedestrian crossing” won the honor of the winged saying, the organizers of the campaign “Word of the year, non-word and winged saying 2022” announced on Monday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In the … Read more

Colombia advances actions to reactivate its railway network | Infrastructure | Economy

The Government of Colombia signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Kingdom to promote the railway reactivation of the Andean countrywhich aims to mitigate other problems with this initiative, official sources reported this Saturday.(Read: US$15 million will be invested in an ecological hotel in Guatapé). “Through the reactivation of its railway sector, Colombia has … Read more

Clear! Asteroid size 3.5×8.5 meters did not hit the Earth.

” Clear! Asteroid size 3.5×8.5 meters did not hit the Earth. Revealed to orbit very close to the earth One-fifth level of history Previously, there was news thatasteroidTruck-sized closest approach to Earth in history Dr. Chalermchai Boonyaleephan (Dr. Chalermchai), Vice Chairman of the Public Health Commission of the Senate, posted a private blockdit “hundred eight … Read more

A nice shot for the Super Bowl: the characters of M&M’s have not said their last word | Unusual

False alarm: M&M’s characters are set to stay. The brand has confirmed that the report that the famous candy will no longer appear in its ads is actually part of a Super Bowl “set-up” that will be “resolved” on game day. The information had made the rounds of the media at the beginning of the … Read more

The Earth’s rotation is slow and fast, it’s normal, it happens every 70 years.

If the Earth’s core moves slower or faster, how does it affect humans, animals and the environment? Dr. Matipol revealed that No direct impact on humans But it may affect living things, weather, but it is an indirect effect, not a direct one, so I don’t want anyone who has seen this news to panic … Read more

“I received 305.2 billion won, but there was not enough support?”… A word to Conte

▲ Antonio Conte ⓒYonhap News/AFP [스포티비뉴스=이민재 기자] Will manager Antonio Conte (53) leave Tottenham? Rumors have been circulating lately that Conte and Tottenham could part ways. Rumors of a disagreement with Chairman Daniel Levy arose, and even the possibility that he could resign if there was no satisfactory power reinforcement in the winter transfer market … Read more

Don’t use the word mummy, it’s offensive, it sounds like British museums

The British Museum, one of the UK’s leading institutions of its kind, said the new terms would make visitors aware they were looking at human remains. In addition, according to management, the word mummy is too reminiscent of the painful British colonial past. Other museums in the country have also adapted to the new vocabulary, … Read more

Thank Pongsakorn commented on Sara’s news and doubts, pointing out that there are no stepchildren anywhere, use this word… !

Thank Pongsakorn commented on the news Sara Casingini reveals in the chat that her children miss Daryl Young, saying that there are no stepchildren who use this word, of course, while Sara also posts quotes full of encouragement. Photo from Instagram sarahcasinghini Made many people feel emotional as well Some comments send encouragement to a … Read more

Thank Pongsakorn commented on Sara’s news that there is no step-daughter anywhere using the word Step Dad.

And wrote the caption under the photo: “Tears are rolling down….and I can’t stop them…….. #imsosorry @_dcyh_” which means “Tears flow down like a stream. And I really can’t stop it. I’m so sorry,” and tagged on the IG of Daryl Young Singaporean boyfriend by after posting There is a famous entertainment page. Jamoy 108 … Read more

Good news for Czech hockey. The talented Jiříček number 2 is asking for a word!

Journalist Škvor acknowledges the courage of Pilsen for giving a talented player a chance to prove himself in the extra league. “He played twenty-seven minutes in his debut game. He must have been nervous, but they probably thought that if anything, they would throw him in there with everything, so that he could go through … Read more