Il Giornale: the last interview with Garella. He did not want to speak to the word Naples then jumped

The beautiful story of Nino Materi: the commonplace about parades with the feet for pimp against Agnelli, and now the crocodile tears of football Il Giornale hosts a beautiful article by Nino Materi on Garella and the world of football that had forgotten him. Materi recalls the interview that Il Giornale gave him (he writes … Read more

Find the word «LIBRA» in 7 seconds and achieve the record – Teach me about Science

Different specialists consider that the riddles whether they are visual, logical or mathematical, they are a great formula to practice brain gymnastics because muscles are not the only thing that must be trained and kept active. Start with your extra exercises that you need so much In this note you will find a visual riddle … Read more

Vaccination against monkeypox begins in Zendal with hardly any promotion: “I found out through word of mouth” | Madrid

After the mass vaccination against covid-19, the Isabel Zendal Nursing Hospital has reopened its doors to immunizations, this time against monkeypox. It is the second point enabled for the puncture, since from this Tuesday it is added to the Community vaccination center at number 15 of General Oraá street, where The health workers already began … Read more

Vaccine-heart attack relationship turned out to be bullshit

BECAUSE İNAN- Another “myth” of the anti-vaccine fans has been debunked. Vaccine opponents frequently brought up the claim that Covid-19 vaccines cause heart muscle inflammation. However, the research conducted by examining the data of 592 thousand 719 patients who had Kovid-19 in South Korea indicates that the risk of heart attack is higher in unvaccinated … Read more

International sprinter Youssef Baba to “Al Diyar”: “Morocco will say its word in the Paris Olympics.. and Siddiqi is the most prominent face to come” – Samer Al-Halabi

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free Youssef Baba is a big name in the world of athletics and a Moroccan international runner in the 1500m distance. He participated in three Olympic Games in a row in Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. He was among the elite participating alongside Olympic runners Hicham … Read more

Baim Wong ‘One Word’ for Bonge: Monkey!

Jakarta, Insertlive – Bonge went viral after becoming an icon of Citayam Fashion Week making a TikTok video containing a ‘one word’ challenge. When gathering with several Indonesian artists, Bonge asked them to name a word that reflected him. In the video, the first artist Bonge asked was Baim Wong. “Kak Baim, one word dong … Read more

The word of Florencia Peña, between two controversies: the departure of Miss Bimbo from her cycle and the suspension of her Instagram

Flor Peña spoke about Bimbo’s departure and the problems with Instagram Since last week, the Instagram profile of Florence Pena not available. This is the second time that the platform has suspended the account of the actress. “Second time in 2 and a half months. How weird to be the only verified account with six … Read more

Beyoncé removes the word that sparked criticism from one of the songs on her latest album

wording BBC News World 1 August 2022 image source, Getty Images Beyoncé will re-record one of the songs from her latest album, after receiving strong criticism from organizations that fight for the rights of people with disabilities. The controversy was unleashed with the release of the song Heated last Friday, because the lyrics contained a … Read more