Welfare informs the arrival of Credit cards to the Word to taxi drivers and musicians of Tlaxcala

Tlaxcala, Tlax., to October 23, 2020 (Editorial Office) .- The Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Welfare in Tlaxcala, will deliver in an extraordinary way, 611 new Credits to the Word for musicians and taxi drivers, who requested support days before, given the economic damage they suffered due to the pandemic. As part of … Read more

Gallery I The brave faces that fight breast cancer

Adriana Moscoso, Mery Garzón, Andrea Vintimilla, Narcisa Flores and María Eugenia Ruiz, fight against cancer every day. Xavier Caivinagua / El Mercurio Images: Xavier Caivinagua About 50 women are part of the Mutual Help Group, from the oncology area of ​​the José Carrasco Arteaga hospital, from Social Security. This space has allowed breast cancer patients … Read more

This malware disguises itself as a Microsoft Word update to infect your PC | Technology

Be careful and watch the attachments you receive by email: a new campaign has been detected that distributes the Emotet malware disguised as a Microsoft Word update. If you keep up-to-date on current issues related to computer security, Emotet malware is sure to be familiar to you. Is about a dangerous trojan which, to this … Read more

Chancellor Felipe Solá is a fan of a club and made an agreement with the archrival to spread the word about Argentina in the world

Foreign Minister Felipe Solá and Jorge Ameal, the president of Boca, signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop activities that spread the Argentine image abroad. Credit: @CancilleriaARG He Ministry of Foreign Affairs drew up a cooperation agreement with Boca Juniors to jointly spread the image of the country outside borders. “Boca is Argentina. It is … Read more

Microsoft Edge is installing Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows without warning Video

The direction Microsoft is taking for its new flagship browser, Edge, seems exploratory and is difficult to anticipate, especially with actions such as those that have just been reported since the beginning of October: the installation of PWA applications from Office in the PC Y laptops of users. To understand the matter, we must first … Read more

The word fraud resurfaces in Bolivia a few days before the elections

The word fraud resurfaces a few days after the elections in Bolivia, without a year having passed since the previous elections were annulled and with an investigation still under way into what happened then. The word fraud continues to haunt Bolivia on electoral issues. This Thursday, the interim Deputy Minister of Citizen Security, Wilson Santamaría, … Read more

The Government insists that the IACHR report lacks objectivity

Cecilia Chacón, secretary of Human Rights, said that the decision to send a letter to the IACHR cannot be read as an ultimatum to the indigenous leadership. Photo: Twitter of the Human Rights Secretariat. Sandra Cruz / Quito The Presidency of the Republic, the Chancellery and the Office of the Attorney General of the State … Read more

“We gave River our word not to accept any offer,” said Franco Armani’s representative

Martin Araoz, representative of Franco Armani, gave an overview of the goalkeeper’s situation and confirmed that he will not leave River in this pass market, although several teams asked conditions. “All country markets inquire for Armani, but we had a chat with the leadership and we gave the word not to accept anything“, said the … Read more

In photos: Venezuela in an economy that has made the word crisis its unit of measurement

2 / 35 Of infinite Venezuela. It seemed that nothing could go wrong when, in the 80s, the world still looked with admiration at the Caribbean country. Oil, minerals, cocoa, gas, tourism, fishing. Today, pressing the switch and not knowing if there will be light. Open the tap and not know if water will come … Read more