“Macron’s words on Islam assure ideological ammunition to terrorist organizations”

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) spokesperson Ömer Çelik said: “The words of (French President Emmanuel) Macron (on Islam) assure ideological and logistical ammunition to (terrorist) organizations like DAESH”. He said. Ömer Çelik, while continuing the meeting of his party’s Central Executive and Decisions Committee (MKYK) evaluated the agenda. Çelik said that following the collapse … Read more

“I no longer have respect for that man”: the words that Kate del Castillo dedicated to Sean Penn after the interview with El Chapo

The actress revealed that she has no sympathy for Sean Penn after the conflict of the interview with “Chapo” (Photo: Kate del Castillo’s Instagram)The actress Kate del Castillo stated that his relationship with Sean Penn It is more than finished, in addition to saying that he would never in his life resume contact with the … Read more

Premier League: Lampard’s words about Mendy that already sound like a sentence for Kepa

Premier League The Chelsea manager was asked again by the goalkeeper Lampard’s words about Mendy that already sound like a sentence for Kepa EThe Chelsea coach praised the great work that the new signing of the ‘blue’ team is doing and hinted that the ownership will be his for a long time. .

Barcelona: they could denounce Ronald Koeman for his words after the game against Real Madrid

Black Saturday for Barcelona: in the framework of a new date of La Liga in Spain, the Catalan team, with the Camp Nou itself as the stage, could not against Real Madrid and fell 3-1 in the expected classic of that European country. In this way, those led by Ronald Koeman deepened their irregular gait, … Read more

Popular words Nearly 27,000 new coronavirus infections have been identified in Britain

Over the weekend, around 4.2 million more Britons will be placed in risk zone 3, which includes the most stringent restrictions. The reclassification of Greater Manchester posed a serious challenge to the government after Mayor Burnham, a former Labor Minister leading the anti-measure alliance, linked the introduction of the restrictions to serious financial demands. Rishi … Read more

Words and books: no good justice without secrets – To read

Lecture : 4 minutes Writing a book is practically the exercise imposed on any lawyer who has achieved a certain notoriety. Some indulge in a retrospective panegyric, others concentrate on a precise subject, still others reveal a certain talent for biographer. With this book, Hervé Temime is doing much better than giving in to a … Read more

They reveal the words with which Gattuso convinced Napoli not to let Chucky Lozano go

Mexicans around the world The Italian technician asked the directive for the continuity of the Mexican Chucky Lozano, scoring leader in Serie A Reuters Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano he has regained the smile and the goals in his second season in Italy. After a difficult first year, the attacking of Napoli is now an indisputable of … Read more

9 words of Pablo Escobar to teach to speak Spanish

The success abroad of series like Narcos It has inspired a particular way of teaching the Spanish language, based on the popular jargon of the drug cartels. The language learning platform Babbel has offered its audience “a fun way” to learn to speak like Pablo Escobar, the famous Colombian drug trafficker of the 80s and … Read more

The head of Xbox says with these words that Microsoft and Nintendo have a “very good” relationship – Nintenderos

Although many of you may have already realized it, the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo seems to remain very positive. Well, this has been recently reaffirmed from Xbox. Specifically, who has shared it is Phil Spencer, Xbox Brand Director. These are the words he has dedicated to the good relationship between both companies: We have … Read more

Uribismo after the freedom of its top boss

The order of deprivation of liberty of the former president and leader of the Álvaro Uribe Vélez Democratic Center, ordered by the Supreme Court of Justice, represented at the time a blow to Uribismo and, despite being a judicial process, politics has not stopped to appear. The turn that the case now took, after Uribe’s … Read more