Exclusive! Teacher “Maneh” confided in tvOnenews, dismantling the meaning of his words to Ridwan Kamil

Jakarta, tvOnenews.com – Muhammad Sabil Fadhila, the name of a teacher nicknamed ‘Master Maneh.’ Where the nickname was pinned on his thorns, because Sabil went viral on social media. This was also because he was dismissed from the foundation of the SMK school where he taught. As is well known, the termination was not without … Read more

The attack on the American drone paid off for the Russians. Despite the words, the US changed course

The new drone routes were chosen “to be less provocative” to Russia, according to one unnamed US official. The Biden administration is cautious and trying to avoid any incident that would escalate the situation towards a direct conflict between Washington and Moscow. At the same time, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said last week that … Read more

Jasmine Pinedo | Magaly Medina criticizes her for saying that Eduardo Rabanal has nice words for Paula Arias VIDEO: Find out farándula trcm | SHOWS

Magaly Medina harshly questioned the interview he did Jasmine Pinedo to the singer Paula Arias in his program ‘+ Shows’. The ‘magpie’ stated that the ‘chinita’ assured that Eduardo Rabanal He used “nice words and praise” for the sauce boat, despite the fact that there is information of an alleged physical assault. “This little girl, … Read more

After the viral mention of Maneh’s words, Ridwan Kamil was satirized by Netizen Baginda

Bandung, tvOnenews – The aftermath of Maneh’s words towards Ridwan Kamil led to the dismissal of an honorary teacher in Cirebon some time ago by the school principal. This is still being discussed by a number of netizens. There are even netizens posted by Ridwan Kamil with the titles king, majesty, Your Majesty, Maharaja, Yang … Read more

the words on the new leader of the Democratic Party and on the duel with Meloni

Former Prime Minister Romano Prodi spoke on the new Democratic Party led by Elly Schlein. “Woe to the square alone,” he said on Monday 20 March when interviewed by Myrta Merlino to ‘L’Aria che tira’ on La7. “Politics is made with analysis, study and dialogue,” he added study program. The reference is to the presence … Read more

Lela broke the silence: The first words after Karlos’ romance

Karlos failed to sweep the porn star Riku Fane under the carpet, but he is probably more successful with the barman Lara. “We train here three times a day, we work from morning to evening. I see that the Czech Republic is once again living with some kind of case, that some lady passed me … Read more

Hamka Hamzah Shares Moments with 6 PSM Players Called up by the National Team, Say These Words

FAJAR.CO.ID, MAKASSAR — Former PSM player Makassar and the Indonesian National Team, Hamka Hamzah shared the moment when he met with the retainers of the Ramang Troop at the airport. Through uploads on his personal Instagram account @hamka23hamzah, he appears to be taking pictures with the six PSM Makassar retainers who have been called up … Read more

Diariata N’Diaye, words to heal the ills

When we arrive in the Parisian café, Diariata N’Diaye is finishing another meeting, drawing her diary, and already planning the next one. ” I never pick up “, she admits with a smile. At 39, this mother of three is bursting with energy. Even ” tired », she manages to take the time to retrace … Read more

Sexy Zone Fuma Kikuchi, two-shot with Sho Sakurai in “Occupation of the Great Hospital” costume “I can’t put it into words anymore”-Real Sound|Real Sound

The NTV Saturday drama “Occupation of the Great Hospital” starring Sho Sakurai will reach its final episode on March 18th. This work is a completely original suspense drama depicting a situation in which a large hospital in Japan is occupied by a mysterious armed group wearing a demon mask, and an investigator who is on … Read more

Oxfam under fire for woke language bible: words like ‘mother’, ‘youth’ and ‘black market’ now taboo | Abroad

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Apologies for using English, ‘the language of colonialism’ London – The British charity organization Oxfam has been discredited again. This time it is not the sexual excesses of the management, but it is about far-reaching guidelines on language use. Words like ‘youth’, ‘mother’ and ‘headquarters’ are out of the … Read more