Some “risk group” people will have to return to their workplaces – Politics

The Ministry of Health and Labor established that people with a low rate of overweight will be able to return to their work places, in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic, if the companies where they work comply with the prevention measures established by the authorities, according to a resolution published today in the Official […]

Some people in a risk group will have to return to workplaces

The index is based on a definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), from which it is considered that there are different degrees of this disease, “which are classified in Class I: BMI 30.0-34.9 kg / m2, Class II: BMI 35.0-39.9 kg / m2 and Class III: BMI> 40 kg / m2 ”. But for […]

Protests in Belarus. President Alyaksandr Lukashenka on riots, movements of NATO troops, protests at workplaces

President Alyaksandr Lukashenka recommended on Wednesday during a meeting of the Belarusian Security Council to “prevent militants, weapons, ammunition and money to finance riots” to strengthen the protection of the country’s borders. He compared the protesters at workplaces to the Gestapo. He called for observations of the movements of NATO troops in Poland and Lithuania. […]