WHO: long-term effects of COVID on patients are becoming worrisome

The WHO technical director for COVID-19, Maria Van Kerkhove, said today that not only are serious cases and deaths from COVID-19 in the world of concern, but also the side effects of the disease in patients who already they have overcome it. “We are not only concerned with cases, hospitalizations or deaths, but with the […]

WHO alerts about lack of oxygen concentrators for severe COVID cases

The World Health Organization (WHO) today warned about the lack of oxygen concentrators, necessary to treat the most serious cases of COVID-19, and about the fact that 80 percent of the market is concentrated in a few companies , so it announced measures to facilitate the supply. “Many countries are experiencing difficulties in obtaining concentrators,” […]

WHO warns that the pandemic continues to advance due to the mistakes of many governments

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned today that the COVID-19 pandemic, whose epicenter is currently in America, may “get worse” if governments do not take more serious measures to combat it, after announcing a new record daily cases, more than 230,000 worldwide. “The virus continues to be our public enemy number one, but the actions […]

WHO says there are more than 100 cases of coronavirus outbreak in Beijing

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared today that more than 100 cases have been confirmed in China in connection with the new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing’s main food wholesale market. Outbreak It was reported by the authorities last week, after fifty days without the Chinese capital reporting any case of COVID-19. “Even in countries that […]

WHO calls for caution against Russian coronavirus vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) cautiously received the news that Russia has registered the world’s first vaccine against COVID-19, noting that it, like the rest, must follow the prequalification and review procedures established by the agency . Read also: Russia registers the world’s first coronavirus vaccine “Accelerating progress should not mean compromising security,” WHO spokesman […]

Piñera turns to Suprema to prevent seizure of Minsal documents

President Sebastián Piñera appealed to the Supreme Court to support the refusal of the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, to deliver emails to the North Central Prosecutor’s Office for the complaint for possible crimes in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic In the document, revealed by Radio Bío Bío, it is requested to reject the […]

The WHO gives in to the US and creates a commission to review its fight against COVID-19

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, announced today the creation of an independent commission to review the agency’s performance in the current pandemic, two days after the US notified its departure from it in a year for what he considers alleged malpractice. The commission, Tedros said in a public […]

High school students lead marches against the government of Sebastián Piñera

Cacerolazos, marches and also clashes with Carabineros marked the day of commemoration of the two years of the second term of President Sebastián Piñera throughout the country, which coincided with the 30 years of the return to democracy, after the assumption of Patricio Aylwin, with what that ended 17 years of dictatorship in Chile. High […]

WHO: appearance of new Covid-19 outbreaks is not necessarily a second wave

The appearance of new sources of COVID-19 contagion, such as the one recently detected in a large wholesale market in Beijing, does not necessarily mean that the pandemic is already entering a second wave, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) stressed today. ). “Sometimes there are sporadic cases that, when investigated, lead to new […]

The WHO believes that Spain will be able to avoid a second massive confinement

Spain will be able to avoid a new massive confinement, the director of Public Health and Environment of the World Health Organization (WHO), María Neira, told EFE this Saturday, who recognizes that there is “a second moment of crisis” in that country with the increase in covid-19 cases in recent weeks. The Spanish Ministry of […]