Argentinians mocked their opponents after the win and face criticism. Otamendi defends the team

Argentina defeated the Netherlands in a tense quarter-final at the World Cup in Qatar and advanced to the semi-finals. But after the match, the South Americans showed an unfair gesture towards the opponent. Some players led by Otamendi mocked the Oranjes footballers. But the experienced Benfica defender justified everything and defends himself and his teammates. … Read more

Why did the coach eliminate Onana during the WC? A secret recording revealed the details

It was one of the most controversial moments of the World Cup so far. Cameroonian goalkeeper André Onana finished the championship earlier than the rest of the team. This was due to arguments between him and coach Song, who reportedly did not like his catching style. Now a video has appeared that captures the coach … Read more

WC football | Which of the quarter-finalists will go for the football grail? Experts trust France the most!

On one side of the tournament spider, the quartet of France, England, Morocco and Portugal will battle it out for a place in the final, on the other side Brazil, Croatia, Argentina and the Netherlands. The pairs for the quarterfinals form exactly in the order listed. “For me, the final is going to be between … Read more

WC football | Experienced Czech official: There will be no better championship than in Qatar!

Doha (from our correspondent) – “Yeah, I pretty much remember enough,” says Kolář in an interview for Právo and, which took place in Doha. When did you go to a big tournament for the first time? At the EURO in Germany, a year before the revolution. I drove a Škoda with a hundred and … Read more

An enraged Cavani couldn’t stand being kicked out of the World Cup. He vented his anger on the VAR screen

The players of Uruguay end up at the World Cup in Qatar already in the basic group. Even the final 2-0 win over Ghana did not help them, as South Korea outscored them in the fight for second place. But there were two controversial moments in the second half when the South Americans demanded a … Read more

Messi is safe again. Boxer Canelo laid down his arms and issued an apology

Lionel Messi can breathe easy. Argentina advanced from the group at the World Cup in Qatar, and Canelo Álvarez does not want to take his head off for trampling the national jersey. The Mexican boxer even apologized for past statements. “In the last few days, I got carried away by the love and passion for … Read more

WC football | QATAR NOTEBOOK: Ice lane or For coffee in Qatar in a winter jacket

“Of course, it is logical that in Qatar, where it is usually over fifty degrees in the summer and temperatures drop to twenty-five in January and February, there is air conditioning everywhere. Otherwise, it would be impossible to survive in the desert country. However, sometimes the locals overdo it with the cooling. In public areas, … Read more

A leaked photo from the Serbian locker room stirs controversy at the World Cup. Kosovo demands punishment

A banner insulting Kosovo was caught in the Serbian dressing room ahead of Serbia’s World Cup match in Qatar on Thursday. Representatives of the Football Federation of Kosovo are asking FIFA to punish the Serbs. The Football Federation of Kosovo (FFK) has filed a complaint with FIFA over a banner displayed in the dressing room … Read more

WC football | DIRECT EXTRA: Billions are not enough, Qatar was not entitled! One of the weakest teams, according to the expert

The match started rather hectically, after only a few tens of seconds the ball ended up in the home team’s net. However, the joy of the Ecuadorian team was spoiled by VAR, which revealed an offense against the rules. “The only questionable moment there could have been the moment when the goalkeeper ran out,” wondered … Read more

German collapse! The Spaniards gave a concert, the Croats earned a point. Belgium defeated dangerous Canada

The first half of the match between Croatia and Morocco was carried out in a very cautious spirit. Both teams were based on a secure defense, they had difficulty getting chances. For the first time, Perušič seriously threatened Morocco’s goal in the 17th minute, but his shot went over the top. At the very end … Read more