Why do some scientists describe the coronavirus crisis as a “syndemic”?

First modification: 16/10/2020 – 01:58 Faced with the spread of Covid-19, which in March led the WHO to classify the emergency as a pandemic, and its incidence in the poorest and most vulnerable populations, international scientists have begun to suggest that the health crisis should be treated as a syndemic , by reflecting the interaction […]

How many malnourished children will there be in the world, according to the WHO?

According to the head of the WHO, this increase means about 6.7 million additional malnourished children worldwide. Further, major interruptions in both the disease itself as well as the response, including stay-at-home orders and other restrictions, “They mean that already vulnerable families are struggling to get enough to eat.” This makes it difficult to access […]

World Health Organization warned of flu vaccine shortage

HEALTH | 2020/09/26 10:17 WHO warns of a shortage of flu vaccines The World Health Organization (WHO) launched an alert against a possible global shortage of the flu vaccine due to the increase in demand and lack of production, indicated Europa Press. Although the pandemic has decreased the cases of contagion, due to less social […]

WHO seeks to reform its organization to attend health emergencies

In the meeting of the Executive Council of the entity, Tedros Adhanom defended the response to the coronavirus emergency of the WHO, criticized especially by the president of the USA, Donald Trump. In this sense, the organization’s director of health emergencies, Michael Ryan, explained that around 10% of the world’s population could have been infected […]

WHO declares Africa polio-free, but threat persists

First modification: 26/08/2020 – 00:37 On August 25, four years after the last case was registered in Nigeria, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared sub-Saharan Africa free of endemic wild polio, which causes poliomyelitis, a paralyzing disease that every year affected the life of some 75,000 children on that continent. Despite the good news, another […]

How many new cases of coronavirus are confirmed each week according to the WHO

CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC | 2020/10/02 13:40 WHO: two million new cases of covid-19 are registered every week The director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom, assured this Friday that approximately two million new cases of covid-19 are registered each week and stressed that the world “exceeded the tragic milestone of one million deaths this […]

Increased likelihood of new animal viruses affecting people

The CEO of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has warned that the probability of new animal viruses affecting people is increasing, due to industrialization and the reduction of wild spaces. “We know with certainty that in the future there will be new viruses and another of the so-called X diseases. But we […]

WHO Praises Saudi Arabia, There Have Not been Covid-19 Cases During Hajj 2020

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – World Health Organization (WHO) gives praise to Saudi Arabia for successfully holding a safe hajj during the Covid-19 pandemic. “The steps taken by Saudi Arabia during the Hajj provide an example for countries who want to return to normal life and adapt to conditions under the virus, “said WHO Director General Dr. […]