5 Sad Stories of Animals Sent Into Space, From Worms to Dogs

JAKARTA, iNewsCirebon.id – Lima the sad story of an animal sent into outer spacefrom Worm until Dog. Dozens of animals have sent out into space by humans in order to carry out special expeditions. From this series of women who were sent, there were many sad and strange stories that happened in the process of … Read more

A well-preserved fossilized worm from 518 million years ago looks like the ancestor of three major groups of living animals

An international team of scientists, including from the universities of Bristol and Oxford, and the Natural History Museum, have found that a well-preserved fossilized worm dating from 518 million years ago resembles the ancestor of three large groups of living animals. Measuring half an inch long, the fossil worm – named Wufengella and unearthed in … Read more

Christian Domínguez reveals ‘censorship’ to the dance of the worm, after scandal in Ethel Pozo’s marriage | SHOWS

The dance of the worm performed by Christian Domínguez in the marriage of Ethel Pozo, would have ‘brought tail’. The popular “chinvenguenchona nose of cumbia” revealed in a presentation that this controversial dance has been “vetoed”. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED: GIULIANA RENGIFO IS AMPAYADA KISSING WITH NOTAR, ANNOUNCES MAGALY MEDINA turns out Christian and the … Read more

A parasitic worm studied thanks to… Viking excrement

To better fight against a parasitic worm that has been infecting humans for millions of years, scientists have taken excrement samples from ancient latrines dating back to the Viking era. We imagine scientists as scholars, practicing their profession in sanitized laboratories or near futuristic machines capable of accelerating particles to a speed close to that … Read more

Fight a cult in Back 4 Blood – Expansion 2: Children of the Worm

30/8/22 16:35 | Peter | General | 0 comments The co-op shooter Back 4 Blood is getting new DLC called Expansion 2: Children of the Worm. In this expanded DLC, the four heroes take on The Cultists, a group that sees it as their calling to support the rise of the Ridden. A Cleaner has … Read more

Back 4 Blood: Introduces the second expansion, Children of the Worm, and reveals more details about the expansion.

Sunday, August 7, 2022, 21 o’clock, 58 minutes, 50 seconds, Indochina time Back 4 Blood Zombie shooting game co-op has revealed some details about the second expansion, something Children of the Worm Upcoming in a new promotional image comes with a new campaign, Cleaner New, new weapons, enemy types and more have been revealed along … Read more

These Deep Sea Worms Look Like Luminous Blobs of Spaghetti All

KOMPAS.com – There is a sighting that is quite stealing the attention in a video that was released recently. In the video you can see sea ​​creature oddly shaped with a glowing orange color, and has spaghetti-like tentacles. Then what is that creature? Quoted from Live ScienceSaturday (6/8/2022) the creature turned out to be the … Read more

Back 4 Blood’s Children of the Worm expansion confirmed for release on August 30

Confirmed Expansion 2, the silver sound of Back 4 Blood, the latest work from Turtle Rock Studio. Children of the Worm expansion story will be released on August 30, consisting of Act 5 campaign mode, weapons, Exclusive character skins, new enemy types, and a cleaner character named “Prophet” Dan, Evangelist of God’s teachings. In the … Read more

Perseverance discovers a strange “worm” on the surface of Mars

The Perseverance rover continues to leave puzzles behind as it passes through the Martian surface. The latest images sent by this vehicle show a strange object similar to the stomach parasites we have on Earth. Scientists believe that it is the remains of a component used to lower the rover to the Martian surface in … Read more

This strange worm is called “yunnanozoon” and could be the oldest relative of vertebrates

The yunnanozoon date from the early Cambrian period, about 518 million years ago. We could say that they were aquatic creatures, very similar to a slug in appearance. But in its fossil remains, the team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China has found a curious structure that suggests this “prehistoric worm” could be … Read more