Shows: Nicola Porcella ate a worm in a meeting with her comrades in Guer

Updated on 07/16/2020 at 4:55 PM Nicola Porcella and his colleagues from Las Cobras, from the Mexican reality show Warriors 2020, They attended a meeting where they tasted maguey worms and escamoles (ant eggs), considered as some of the most exotic, but exquisite dishes of Mexican cuisine. LEE: PRESIDENT VIZCARRA DISCARDS RETURN TO A QUARANTINE … Read more

She eats a sashimi and finds a living worm in her tonsil

THE ESSENTIAL The worm is a parasite known as Pseudoterranova azarasi. When the pulpits are not cooked, the beast causes in humans the “tingling throat syndrome”. A worm was extracted from a young woman’s mouth just days after she had eaten sashimi. Very alive and all wriggling, the animal lodged in its left tonsil. The … Read more