PHOTO. People are worried about the health of 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II: what happened to her hands?

The 95-year-old queen meets the bank’s president and general at Windsor Castle 11:13, November 26, 2021 A few days ago, a 95-year-old British Queen Elizabeth II He met the head of the British bank in person at Windsor Castle Andrew Bailey, as well as General Sir Nick Carter and these encounters were captured in several … Read more

Worried about Russian activity, Britain sends more tanks to Germany

Britain will send more tanks to Germany. Photo/Illustration LONDON – Defense Minister English Ben Wallace announced upcoming changes to the country’s military, including plans to move some of its tanks to the German . It was the first time in a decade that a British armored brigade was present in Germany. Additional tanks will be … Read more

Goodbye, Europe. Sparta was worried, Slavia was handing out

I cannot say that the Czech public space has been full of positive news in recent hours. Unfortunately, the footballers of the local clubs trying to advance to the spring continuation of European competitions did not add much on Thursday night. Malér in the 93rd minute The Slavists must be scratching their heads right now. … Read more

– I’m worried – VG

Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol agrees with the mayors of the Bergen region that the strategy that was the basis for the reopening on 25 September is no longer appropriate. Foto: Live Austgard They are concerned about both the infection situation and the pressure on the health care system, and call for a clear national … Read more

Worried about the Earth being hit by NASA’s first spacecraft to hit an asteroid | Dart | NASA | SpaceX

[Epoch Times November 24, 2021](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Li Yan)National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) On Tuesday (November 23) a spacecraft was launched in the evening to perform a small impactplanetA mission to test whether the oncoming space rocks can be knocked out of orbit through human intervention when the Earth is threatened by … Read more

Ferrari “very worried” about tires during the race

The performance of the Scuderia Ferrari in the Grand Prix of Qatar is admittedly less impressive than those of the American tour, during which 55 points were collected in three races, but the Prancing Horse again achieved its objective at Losail by taking further steps ahead of McLaren in the constructors’ championship. Carlos Sainz took … Read more

Dimensity 9000 CPU performance or super Snapdragon 898 American users are very worried because they can’t use it

This week, MediaTek released the Dimensity 9000 chip (Dimensity 9000), which not only snatched TSMC’s 4nm debut, but also outperformed the Snapdragon 888 from the paper specifications. 898″ challenged. According to the PPT content, Dimensity 9000 claims to be 35% higher than Snapdragon 888 in system performance (Specint2K6), and 10% higher than Snapdragon 888 in … Read more

Rampini on Greta Thunberg: “I dissociate myself from the veneration for her, I am worried about adults kneeling in front of adolescents”. La7 video

“I dissociate myself from the veneration towards Greta Thunberg, I’m worried about the adults show that yes genuflect in front of adolescents“. Guest of PiazzaPulita, on La7, the journalist Federico Rampini, recently signed by Corriere della Sera, expressed his doubts on the environmental movement led by Greta Thunberg, that according to him “they do very … Read more

Covid, Speranza: “Only an irresponsible person would not be worried. We are in the fourth wave and Italy cannot think of itself outside”

“We are worried? Only an irresponsible person is not worried in such a situation. The numbers are clear and speak better. The numbers of Europe and, in a different way, of Italy are growing numbers. Germany makes 65,000 cases a day and has always been considered a model for how it has handled the measures. … Read more

National team goalkeeper Vaclík evaluated possible opponents before the draw for the World Cup. Who is he most worried about? – Sports Live

He added another zero to his account, yet even that did not help him to second place in the qualifying group. National team goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík spoke about possible opponents in the draw. The Czech national team managed the final match of the qualifying group for the World Cup and won 2: 0 against Estonia. … Read more