The defense of the Red Devils still worries: “The succession of Kompany and Vermaelen is complicated”

During Facebook Live on Monday, Benjamin Deceuninck received Lancelot Meulewaeter and Frank Peterkenne to talk about the last two matches played by the Red Devils against Wales and the Netherlands. Among other things, they returned to a sector that worries many supporters: defense. While Belgium had to achieve a real feat to reach the Nations … Read more

‘Miretti for sale? Ridiculous offer ‘: Juve fans on the attack, worries about the sale filter out

A half indiscretion, perhaps even less, was enough to put Juventus fans on “alert”. As reported by the Sun, in fact, Arsenal are thinking of a double Juventus strike: on the one hand Dusan Vlahovica center forward done and finished, the other Fabio Miretti. Especially on the midfielder, the fans have mobilized through social networks: … Read more

Sick of money stress. Your life turned upside down by money worries. Financial psychologist: ‘It’s not nothing that happens’

© foto’s Getty Images Annemarie de Jong Saturday, September 24, 2022 at 08:50 Amsterdam Sleepless nights, worrying, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and addictions: money stress can be disastrous for your health. Financial psychologist Anne Abbenes explains how this works and provides tools to keep a cool head. “Talk to others, know that you are not … Read more

High electricity bills threaten future operations of ice rinks, association worries

Without state support, not a single ice rink can stop working, said Āriks Miļuns, head of the Latvian Ice Rink Association, in an interview with Latvian Television (LTV) on Tuesday. He pointed out that electricity is the largest expenditure item of ice rinks and although the rent of ice has been increased in most of … Read more

“She needs help”: the strange behavior of Cara Delevingne worries her relatives

Too talkative, manners”strange“, bruised legs and sunken eyes, for several days the attitude of the model Cara Delevingne has challenged internet users. The media Page Six shared last week a disturbing video of the young woman of 29 years in which the latter is at the exit of the airport of Van Nuys and struggle … Read more

Due to the war, Russian officials are drinking more and more alcohol. This worries Putin very much

A few days earlier, Putin met with another governor from the Kirov region. The president of Russia also discussed the topic of alcohol there – more precisely, the “high level of alcoholization of the population” in the cities of the Kirov region. – There is no need to sweep anything under the rug – argued … Read more

Choi Min-hwan ♥ Yul-hee An asset mom who worries about hurting her children… 3.3 billion house living room gaze TEN

Photo = Yulhee’s Instagram Yulhee, a former member of the girl group LABOUM, shared her recent status. Yulhee posted a picture on her Instagram story on the 14th with the caption, “I have less worries about hurting my children… As expected, the best thing to do is to spread the mats in a childcare home. … Read more

Ronaldo worries his fans with a picture with a controversial psychiatrist

Football fans have expressed concern about Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo after he was photographed with Jordan Peterson, a US-based psychologist who has drawn criticism for his views on transgender rights and coronavirus vaccines among other issues. . Peterson has been outspoken on a number of topics, and is known for his views on masculinity … Read more

Why this very bright satellite worries astronomers

AST SpaceMobile is launching a satellite that could be brighter than most other celestial objects. This worries astronomers. The AST SpaceMobile company is in the process of attracting the wrath of astronomers, concerned about the celestial environment. As revealed NewScientist in an article published on September 9, she is about to launch a satellite which … Read more