Converted pistol is taking the streets, which is very worrying (also for the shooter)

The converted alarm pistols have clear advantages for criminals. They are a lot cheaper than real weapons and are also easier to get. “In Germany you don’t need a permit for it,” says weapons expert David Zoetmulder, for example. And they also come in bulk from the east of Europe. Conversion is done in no … Read more

The distance between the Earth and the sun is getting farther away, the impact is worrying

loading… The sun and the Earth move in predictable ways and have a mutually influencing relationship. For one thing, the average distance between the Earth and the sun is not static from year to year. Photo/Live Science FLORIDA – Sun and Earth move in predictable ways and have a mutually influencing relationship. One of the … Read more

Italy is in good health: Moody’s tripping is not worrying for now

The day after the downward revision of the prospects of the Italian rating by Moody’s, it is necessary to question the genuineness of this position which anticipates the revision of the opinion on our country by about two months. And to free the analysis from any shadow of partiality, one can start from what really … Read more

Changes in the rule after the covid vaccine: scientists see a trend to more bleeding, but temporary and not worrying | Health & Wellness

More than 5,000 million people in the world have received the covid vaccine. Prick by prick, the success that these drugs predicted in clinical trials quickly landed on the street: According to a study published in The Lancet, thanks to them, about 20 million lives were saved. The toll to pay, in the vast majority … Read more

Interest in superhero movies is dwindling as US survey reveals worrying trend for Marvel

Residents of the United States have become less interested in films with superheroes. This is the conclusion reached by the employees of the research company Morning Consultby conducting a survey among the population of the country. 41% of respondents are dissatisfied with the paintings. Since November 2021, this indicator has increased by 5% and by … Read more

flight prices take off, the unknown baggage is worrying

Welcome to the summer of flights that cost a lot, but also promise constant turbulence to passengers including lost baggage, delays and, for the unfortunate, cancellations. We take the first week of August, starting from one of the two Roman airports. The round trip to Lisbon is close to 380 euros (without choice of seat … Read more

Worrying disappearance: the mother and her daughter who disappeared on Tuesday on their return from Ostend have been found

According to the first information available to the prosecution, the 30-year-old and her daughter have been in an apartment for the past few days with people they met during the return trip on the train. Seeing the call for witnesses, a person wishing to remain anonymous informed the police of the presence of Bénédicte and … Read more

Worrying symptom of Omicron BA.2.75: It started to change shape

Covid-19, which caused the death of more than 6.3 million people worldwide, continues to spread rapidly with new variants emerging. It is predicted that the BA.2.75 variant called Centaurus, which was first detected in May and has become the dominant variant in India, will change the course of the epidemic. HERE ARE THE SYMPTOMS According … Read more