The worst is inevitably coming.. The predictions of the famous astronomer Laila Abdel-Latif destabilize and terrify the public… and predict what will happen in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait during the next two months.! !

The surprises of the Lebanese astronomer Laila Abdel Latif continue with her controversial predictions, in parallel with the truthfulness of her predictions of the Beirut explosion and the outbreak of the Corona virus, to appear on us again through social media platforms, For her followers and readers in Yemen, she read the future of a … Read more

Russia faces the worst economic downturn in 30 years for Putin’s generation | Business

After Russia invaded Ukraine, multinational companies withdrew en masse from Russia, and international sanctions against the aggressor are intensifying. Meanwhile, changes are taking place in Russian universities, which will make it difficult for the country’s students to pursue higher education elsewhere, Business Insider writes. Experts interviewed by the publication said it was not possible to … Read more

In Germany, they are vying for the King. In England, however, he was described as the worst reinforcement in history

In Herta, the King would meet with the former captain of the Czech national team, Vladimír Darida. Leverkusen was supported by striker Patrik Schick, and Adam Hložek from Sparta recently became a new reinforcement for Bayer. Leipzig’s coach is Domenico Tedesco, who knows the King from working together in Spartacus. Unlike other Czech representatives Tomáš … Read more

Is Jo Se-ho the worst price or the love style? Will she come too♥ TEN★

Enter 2022.06.19 05:01 Edited 2022.06.19 05:01 (Photo = Jo Se-ho SNS) Comedian Jo Se-ho delivered a meaningful current situation that creates a pink atmosphere. On the 18th, Jo Se-ho posted several photos on his Instagram along with the sentence “Is she here too..♥ #Jo Se-ho #Where are you now?” In the published photo, Jo Se-ho … Read more

The 10 worst games in the history of our industry. They did not go down well in history …

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> I could write about video games in almost nothing but superlatives. Our industry has done so much for me that I would be able to display its cyclical laurels, write thanksgiving poems and tell everyone how wonderful this form of hobby is (which I do anyway). Everything is thriving here, thriving and going in … Read more

DKI Ranks 1 Worst Air Quality in the World, This is the Most Polluted Area

Jakarta – DKI Jakarta is the area with the worst air quality in the world. As of today, Wednesday (15/6), the concentration of PM 2.5 in DKI Jakarta has increased 26.2 times from the World Health Organization (WHO) air quality guideline limit based on the Air Quality Index (AQI) report. As is known, PM 2.5 … Read more

The Reason Behind Jakarta’s Air Today is the Worst in the World

Jakarta – Jakarta air quality on this worst day in the world. The DKI Provincial Government also explained the reasons for the poor air quality in the capital city. Data on Jakarta air quality it was reported by the Air Quality Index (AQI) website, Wednesday (15/6/2022). The second position is Santiango, Chile, followed by Dubai, … Read more

Jakarta’s Air Quality is the Worst Day in the World, Here’s the Cause

JAKARTA, – The DKI Jakarta Environment Agency revealed the cause of the poor air quality in Jakarta today, Wednesday (15/6/2022). Referring to the website, the air quality in Jakarta today is the worst in the world. Jakarta occupies the number one position for the worst air quality with the statement “The concentration of … Read more

Jakarta’s Air Quality Ranks Worst in the World Today

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Air quality DKI Jakarta is listed as the worst in the world based on the AQ Index website. The air quality index (Air Quality Index/AQI) in the capital city on Wednesday (15/6) at 09.50 WIB was at 183 US AQI with PM 2.5 at 118 g/m and PM 10 at 20.6 … Read more

Salt Bae, TripAdvisor ruthless: his restaurant is among the worst in London

A few days later, the waters have calmed down, it is worth asking ourselves: what do the slaps taken by Salt Bae on Tripadvisor? Is there a lesson to be learned, a lesson to be learned? THE facts in a nutshell, for those who – more than legitimately – are totally disinterested in gastronomic gossip: … Read more