XFactor 2021: Pirandello dressed as Tekken in the worst bars of Karakaz, not Vale LP. The votes of the third live

XFactor ventiventuno it is one, none and one hundred thousand. A show in search of identity who suddenly found himself – and almost unprepared – to face a competition that exploded already in the third episode with the double elimination that risked decimating Emma’s troops. There were no extraordinary highs on stage; a war began … Read more

The United States faces its worst inflation with figures that have not been seen in 30 years

(EFE) – The interannual rate of inflation in USA shot up in october up to 6.2%, which is the highest record of consumer prices in this country Since 1990, amid strong consumer demand and problems in global supply chains following the crisis caused by the pandemic. Consumer prices they rose in a month nine tenthsthe … Read more

China’s worst snowfall in a century, temperatures drop 14 degrees

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Northeast region China It was hit by the heaviest snowfall in 100 years, causing the temperature to drop by as much as 14 degrees Celsius. News agency Xinhua reported that because of the heavy rain, the snow pile in the Liaoning area reached 51 centimeters. The snowfall was the highest since … Read more

They reveal audios in which they say, the police confess the worst

In case of the death of Octavio Ocaña continues to make headlines in the press and the intrigue continues around this tragedy, because now they revealed a series of audios in which, supposedly, they assure that some policemen would confirm that the actor was murdered. And it is that these recordings began to circulate on … Read more

Napoli-Verona 1-1, report cards / Insigne irritating, the worst way to respond to De Laurentiis

Bad Rrahmani, very well Di Lorenzo. Spalletti appeared more prostrate than the players, already with Salernitana he must have understood that something is wrong The report cards of Naples-Verona 1-1 by Fabrizio d’Esposito and Ilaria Puglia. OSPINA. He has to do a bit of everything: parry, dribble and when he can jump the pressure of … Read more

Did we witness the worst penalty shootout in history in South Africa this weekend?

Any good observer of football remembers a shooting session at the mythical end where the shooters succeeded each other without missing the slightest kick, leading him into a thrilling thriller. hitchockien where the slightest failure can be fatal. Champions League, World Cup, Euro, any major competition has already delivered intense sessions over the years. ►►► … Read more

Covid and intensive care, record-breaking Marche: it is the worst data in Italy – Chronicle

Ancona, 1 November 2021 – Coronavirus emergency , the intensive therapy in the Marche region with the highest levels nationwide. Concern comes fromAgents, the agency for regional health services, which presents percentages that are not alarming but which stimulate reflections on the case. In Italy, the general values ​​of occupations of beds in hospitals by … Read more

Elon Musk’s reaction to a viral video of his “worst year” of his life | Tesla Motors | Twitter | nnda nnni | OFF SIDE

One of the richest men in the world Elon Musk was on the verge of bankruptcy 13 years ago after investing all his assets in his companies Tesla Motors and SpaceX. A statement from the South African entrepreneur dated 2008, “the worst year” of his life, according to himself, he told the program 60 Minutes, … Read more

Extreme weather, rat trouble and chaos before the summit. But the worst disaster was averted.

GLASGOW (Aftenposten): Extreme weather and floods. Protests. Canceled trains. Rats in the streets and no hotels to find. The biggest protests are not expected until next weekend. But already this weekend there were minor protests, led by the Extinction Rebellion. Photo: Monica Strømdahl Glasgow could probably imagine a less chaotic prelude to the big climate … Read more