Residual debt insurance is often not worthwhile

11/9/2020 11:56 am Large purchases are often financed with a loan. Financial institutions often offer insurance to help when things get tight. This is usually bad business for customers. Those who take out loans are often also offered residual debt insurance. This policy is intended to protect the default of the loan from certain risks … Read more

A change can be worthwhile

Berlin.Sufficient insurance companies only have one direction in terms of contributions: upwards. Car insurance is a nice exception. Many consumers can save on this every year. On the one hand, because there are very simple ways to optimize your own contract. On the other hand, because the providers put fresh tariffs on the market every … Read more

Five Xiaomi phones that surprise in the final stretch of 2020 and that are very worthwhile | Technology

In this article, ComputerHoy could receive a commission for your purchases. More information. Xiaomi mobiles have become the most desired in Spain thanks to its characteristics and adjusted prices. Its range of devices is so large that you can always find a mobile that fits according to your needs or your budget. Now that the … Read more

For whom are Riester contracts worthwhile?

What does Riester pension mean anyway? The Riester pension is a way of making private provision for old age. As with a normal pension, every saver pays a certain monthly contribution into a selected Riester model during the “savings phase”. For this he receives direct allowances from the state and tax advantages. The full support … Read more

When they are worthwhile – and when not

The production of an electric car is still significantly more expensive for car companies compared to the classic combustion engine. Buyers also still have to dig deeper into their pockets. But there are exceptions. Photo series with 11 pictures Electric cars are likely to continue to burden the profit margins of automakers for the foreseeable … Read more

I will make my daughter’s suffering worthwhile

He barely answers the phone, Walter Rupprecht breaks down in tears: yesterday, after a series of medical omissions in hospitals Mexico and Switzerland, his daughter Ana Lucia lost the battle against leukemia who suffered for more than a year. Walter and Ana Lucía flew to Europe on January 28, amid a wave of protests over … Read more