The tourist dollar advances 20 cents and exceeds $ 100.50

At Market Unique and Free of Changes (MULC), the currency advances five cents to $ 73.05 in line with the Central Bank’s selling position. Stock dollar The CCL -which arises from the purchase and sale of bonds or shares in the stock market- increases 1.1% to $ 129.21, therefore the spread with the wholesale price … Read more

The dollar CCL and the MEP deepen downward trend, while the blue takes another jump

In the same way, the MEP dollar, or Stock Market -similar operation to that of the CCL but within the country- lose $ 3.02 to $ 111.43, leaving a 55.1% gap against the currency listed on the MULC. “Hand in hand with the better asset climate, financial dollars continue to return ground – after the … Read more