Threatened contractor André refused to clean up rubbish at A1: ‘Wouldn’t have gone if I knew it was a farmer’s protest’

Highways have been closed in several provinces due to farmers’ protests. Waste, car tires and substances such as asbestos have been dumped on the road. Contractors engaged by Rijkswaterstaat to clean it up are under threat. André is one of them. “I also fully support the farmers,” says André, whose father used to own a … Read more

The signs of the hour will inevitably appear.. A girl married her husband’s brother after his death.. On the wedding night, the groom told her a secret that made her crazy and made her commit suicide immediately.. She wouldn’t believe what he told her!!

Today’s incident takes place in one of the modest apartments, where a young man proposed to a beautiful girl known for her good manners and beauty. The young man was known for his morals, good conduct and good reputation. The young man got to know the girl through a family event, admired her and proposed … Read more

N.Bunkė, who visited the Palanga race, remembered driving on the track: now she wouldn’t decide | Names

Natalija Bunke, as revealed 15minhas changed about five cars during her life. “It’s hard to count now, but I’m not the type to change them a lot. Besides, I’ve been practically not driving lately, everything is left to my husband’s jurisdiction. He decides what car he wants to drive, I try to sit in the … Read more

Formula 1 | Verstappen wouldn’t be surprised to see some wins for Mercedes F1

Max Verstappen expects Mercedes F1 to get seriously involved in the battles for victories in the 2nd part of the season, after the progress of the W13 since Silverstone. The Dutchman says he is ready to find his rivals for the title in 2021 but does not see them as serious candidates for the world … Read more

With great sadness .. this famous Egyptian star left a very strange will and his daughter married a friend of his age! wouldn’t expect it to be!

He was distinguished by an amazing lightness and charisma of a special kind that made him an icon of the success of any work in which he was able to find himself a high position in the art world during her career in the field of acting. With his distinctive ivies, he was able to … Read more

“They said he wasn’t funny. They said I never smiled. They said we wouldn’t make it.”

When Victoria Adams and David Beckham become a couple, they are an absolute cliché – the beautiful singer and the successful football player. Victoria is known as Posh Spice, the most stylish and well-dressed lady of the Spice Girls. David, on the other hand, is the man who coined the term “metrosexual” – maintained to … Read more

With strong observation, this child will know him. He became one of the most famous Egyptian singers and composers. He competed with Amr Diab on the plateau and almost died.. You wouldn’t expect who he is?!

This child was born in Al-Zahir neighborhood in Cairo in 1966. He is the only son of his parents, the engineer (Ahmed Tawfiq) and Mrs. (Suzan). He had another brother who died in an unfortunate accident at the age of twelve. His father encouraged him from his childhood on his talents, so he learned to … Read more

She retired and repented to God..The artist of Lebanon who rejected Adel Imam and married Muhammad al-Arabi..You wouldn’t expect who she would be

2022/07/04 12:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite There are many stars who have talent, but they did not get their fortune, such as Miss Lebanon, artist Nadia Arslan. She had charisma, beauty and talent, but despite all that, she did not get enough stardom, and even left art and was veiled, and it is … Read more