Lee Soo-jin, a dentist who apologized after confessing to her mother’s wounds in ‘Preference for Boys’… “I understand now”

Instagram ‘sjeuro’ [뉴스1] Reporter Hyo-jeong Yoon = Lee Soo-jin, a YouTuber and dentist who became a hot topic after appearing on ‘Golden Counseling Center’, said that he sent an apology text to his mother. On the 16th, Lee Soo-jin posted a message to her mother on Instagram saying, “After the live broadcast, I apologized to … Read more

Brussels: a sleep merchant allegedly killed with stab wounds in his building

A man was stabbed to death on Tuesday in a building on Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier in Brussels, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office confirmed on Wednesday, according to Sudinfo information. “This is an argument between two people, in which one of the parties repeatedly stabbed the other”, said the prosecutor and spokesperson for the Brussels public … Read more

Sint-Truiden: a man wounds a woman and her daughter with a knife

A stabbing incident in an apartment in Sint-Truiden (Limburg) left three injured late Tuesday afternoon. Police from the Sint-Truiden area attended after reports of a woman being harassed and assaulted by a man. The woman resided in this apartment with her two daughters. During the altercation, the mother and one of her minor daughters were … Read more

Three Ingredients That Help Heal Wounds Due to Diabetes

Live Talkshow KompasTV Inspiration Zone themed Wounds Due to Diabetes. (Source: KompasTV) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV Diabetes is a health disorder that is often found in the community. This certainly has to be watched out for, considering that diabetes is a chronic disease that can invite complications. The content of glucose in sugar is needed by the … Read more

Symptoms of Diabetes Can Be Seen From These 5 Skin Changes, From Wounds That Are Hard to Heal To Hard Thickened Skin

Freepik / karlyukav Symptoms of diabetes can also be seen from skin changes. Bobo.id – Have you ever heard the term diabetes? Diabetes can strike both adults and children. Diabetes is usually characterized by excessive blood sugar or glucose levels. Glucose usually enters the body through the food and drinks we consume. Glucose from food … Read more

29-year-old biker succumbed to his injuries after heavy fall near shopping center

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2021 at 09:41 a.m. A fatal accident occurred this Wednesday evening in Roeselare. A 29-year-old man has died. A new tragedy has arisen on our roads this Wednesday evening. At around 9.45 p.m., a man riding a motorcycle lost control of his KTM and had a heavy fall at the … Read more

new material that repairs hearts, muscles and vocal cords and heals wounds

MADRID, 4 Dic. (EUROPA PRESS) – Combining knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering, scientists from McGill University in Canada have developed a biomaterial strong enough to repair the heart, muscles and vocal cords, which represents a breakthrough in regenerative medicine , as published in the journal ‘Advanced Science’. “People who recover from heart damage … Read more

7 Diabetic Foot Treatments, Prevent Infected Wounds and Amputations – All Pages

People with diabetes must regularly take care of the condition of their feet. GridHEALTH.id – Persons diabetes with high and uncontrolled blood sugar levels, are at risk of developing problems with their feet. Hyperglycemia, or blood sugar levels that are too high, can cause nerve damage to the sufferer’s body diabetes. Quoted from the page … Read more

Wonder Why Wounds Are Hard to Heal? Maybe you lack this vitamin

Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D functions like a hormone. Your body can make it from cholesterol when your skin is exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is also found in certain foods such as fatty fish and milk. Also Read: Have a Toxic Partner, Do This So You Are Free from Heartache The Endocrine Society … Read more

What causes mouth sores? Wounds you don’t take seriously can be life-threatening

Difficulty chewing food… Swallowing turns into pain… Difficulty speaking… Regardless of the cause of mouth sores, which are quite common in our country, the common feature of all of them is; they can cause pain and, accordingly, problems that reduce the quality of life! The causes of mouth sores, which are seen in almost all … Read more