The king is dead ! In 1983, the death of Leopold III revives the wounds of the past

“The king is dead, long live the king”. In 1983 the king died, but not many people shouted long live the King. Leopold III had abdicated 32 years earlier in favor of his son, Baudouin. In Belgium the tragic and cursed reign of Leopold III remained a very sensitive subject for a long time. The … Read more

Burdening wounds for quite a long time, Aurel Hermansyah bluntly compares Ashanty’s strengths to Krisdayanti: More..

Hops.ID – Divorce between Anang Hermansyah and Krisdayanti which has been a long time since 2009, leaving such a deep story for the family. The marriage, which has been cultivated for almost 13 years, is blessed with two children namely Aurel Hermansyah and Azriel Hermansyah. As the first child, Aurel Hermansyah who witnessed the affair … Read more

5 Choices of Nipple Ointment to Overcome Wounds & Blisters while Breastfeeding

Hai Bunda | Haibunda Monday, 23 Jan 2023 10:17 WIB After pregnancy and childbirth, Mother’s struggle will be even more difficult. Mother and Little One will face the period of breastfeeding. Your little one experiences many adaptations, so does Mother. Starting from reduced sleep hours, to experiencing cuts and abrasions on the nipples. There are … Read more

“PRP plays an important role in the treatment of varicose veins and diabetes-related wounds”

Dr. Stating that the surprising PRP method is preferred in the treatment of hair loss, skin rejuvenation, pain treatment, wound healing and many orthopedic diseases, he said: “Wound healing after dental implants in wounds due to vascular diseases, non-healing leg wounds due to diabetes and varicose, tendon injuries and tendinitis such as tennis elbow. used … Read more

the skeleton of an individual who received several sword wounds analyzed

Discovered in 2006 under the ground of the church of San Biagio, in Cittiglio, Italy, the remains of a man surprised the archaeologists in charge of the excavations. Indeed, the skull of the individual bore the marks of violent blows on the skull. Archaeologists have opened a cold case dating from the Middle Ages. When … Read more

Know, These Are Characteristics of Wounds on the Legs Due to Diabetes and How to Treat it

Photo: Illustration (Tumisu from Pixabay) Murianews, Kudus Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels. Glucose that accumulates in the blood due to not being properly absorbed by body cells can cause various organ disorders. Glucose is the main source of energy for human body cells. If diabetes If not controlled … Read more

MMA | Cruel end of the year for Czech faces: Fatal wounds fell on the chin, grief broke out after strangulation

Thirty-one-year-old Filip Macek, whose opponent changed about a week before the match, was heading towards the third attack on the royal throne. In place of the injured champion Jonas Magard, he replaced the seasoned UFC fighter Gustavo Lopez. And as it turned out later, the compensation was more than adequate. The decision was already made … Read more

Hydrogel, Magic Medicine to Stop Bleeding from Soldiers’ Gunshot Wounds on the Battlefield

loading… Stopping bleeding from a gunshot wound is one of the most important actions to save a soldier’s life on the battlefield. Photo/NewAtlas THE ANGELS – Stop bleeding Gunshot wounds are one of the important actions to save soldiers’ lives on the battlefield. Currently scientists find drug magic that is able to stop bleeding quickly … Read more

He sleeps soundly. It builds a wall on wounds. Lokman Hekim also consumed every day

Lokman Hekim showed the value of cranberry by saying “There is no need for a doctor where it is consumed”. The history of cranberry dates back to ancient times and is known to have many benefits. On the other hand, Lokman Hekim is known to consume cranberries. Here are the benefits of cranberry It plays … Read more

In pictures: Behind the eastern front, Ukrainian soldiers lick their wounds

Until early October, the small town of Lyman, in the Donbass, was under Russian control. After four months of occupation, the locality still bears the traces of the war but it allows the Ukrainian soldiers to find a refuge to rest. About thirty kilometers to the east, Russian and Ukrainian troops are facing each other … Read more