La Moneda receives the director of the INDH: “This month you have to be careful, the wounds are still open” | National

The Interior Minister, Víctor Pérez, received the director of the National Institute of Human Rights, Sergio Micco, at the La Moneda Palace. The latter expressed his concern about the statements that circulated last weekend by Pérez himself, where he would have conditioned a legal sentence, accepting that human rights were violated in the country after … Read more

Two bodies with stab wounds found in a burned apartment in La Cisterna | National

Two people died in a fire that affected an apartment in the commune of La Cisterna, in the Metropolitan region. In a preliminary way, the fire would be intentional. The incident occurred on José Joaquín Prieto avenue, where emergency personnel arrived to control the fire. After communicating the event to the Public Ministry, the expert … Read more

A patch to treat chronic wounds infected with bacteria resistant to antibiotics

These are 667,194 patients who suffered from a chronic wound in France in 2012, according to the National Health Insurance Fund. Sometimes these chronic wounds are infected with bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotic treatments. Patients seek treatment in a hospital setting, for lack of therapies that can be administered at home. This time … Read more

Ferrari licks wounds after ‘extremely difficult weekend’ in Spa

30 augustus 2020 – At Ferrari, the low point has gradually been reached after a Belgian Grand Prix Formula 1 without points. Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc crossed the finish line in 13th and 14th after a long agony for the Maranello team. Vettel and Leclerc made it through Q1 with great difficulty on Saturday … Read more

stabs and stab wounds found on the bodies of the victims

Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2020 at 6:09 p.m. By A.F. A double homicide was perpetrated in a house on rue du Waux-Hall, in Spa. The lifeless bodies of Françoise and Mya, a mother and 11-year-old daughter, have been found. They show several traces of blows carried with a blunt object as well as a … Read more

Jacob Blake is no longer handcuffed to a hospital bed, says lawyer – CNN

“There is no justice, there is no peace,” claims Jacob Blake’s father 10:39 (CNN) –– The handcuffs holding Jacob Blake to a hospital bed they were withdrawnher attorney Patrick Cafferty told CNN on Friday afternoon. In addition, the court order that authorities used to explain why Blake was in handcuffs was revoked, Cafferty said, and … Read more

Non-bank credit companies are licking their wounds after the pandemic. They let go and look for weaker numbers

The result was a slump in the business of non-bank lenders associated with the layoffs of employees across industry players, including big names. Another milestone in business development may come at the end of October this year, when people who have taken advantage of the installment moratorium should start repaying. “In March, we suspended lending. … Read more

What injury? Verratti and Tuchel go crazy despite the wounds

Verratti and Di Maria celebrate the PSG winning goal so exuberantly in the stands After the Paris winning goal, the suspended Angel di Maria broke in the stands – and Marco Verratti seems to forget his calf injury for a few seconds. 12.08.2020 After PSG’s dramatic final minute double in the Champions League quarter-finals against … Read more

Why should we put salt on wounds? Here is the incredible truth

The solutions of water and salt perform a disinfectant action due to the osmotic power of the solution which alters theosmotic balance of the cell wall of bacteria and determines their death: in practice, when microorganisms come into contact with a concentrated solution of water and salt, the water inside the cells of their cell … Read more