Wouter wanted to donate blood plasma for a drug against corona, but was refused

Blood Bank Sanquin is looking for about 8000 people who have had COVID-19 for their blood plasma. This can be used to develop a means that protects vulnerable people against the corona virus. Wouter Ubbink has had the corona virus and would like to help. But when he wanted to donate his blood, he was … Read more

Wouter should not donate plasma for corona research because he once had sex with a man

Wouter wants to donate blood plasma – the liquid part of the blood that contains antibodies, among other things, because he thinks he had corona in March. “My housemate had corona. I couldn’t get a test, but I had the same symptoms and was in bed with a fever for a week.” Corona antibodies That … Read more

Wouter Beke saves his skin thanks to meticulous preparation …

Thanks to meticulous preparation, with many details and anecdotes, Minister of Welfare Wouter Beke (CD&V) remained standing in the corona committee in the Flemish Parliament. The opposition tried, but Beke parried most of the criticism and even admitted that mistakes had been made. “We had no choice but to do what we did.” A detailed … Read more