Long-term concern for those who have had Kovid… Those who have had asymptomatics are also at risk! Tunca Bengin wrote…

What about those who do not know that they have Kovid? “Naturally, there is nothing to do. Then you have to follow the whole country. Physically, this is not possible, of course.” Pointing out that Kovid is still a virus that creates new variants with mutations and has many unknown sides, Prof. Ceyhan continues: “The … Read more

SpaceX fires employees who wrote a letter criticizing Elon Musk

Associated PressElon Musk, here in Washington, March 9, 2020. SPACEX – SpaceX has dismissed several employees involved in the preparation of an “open letter” criticizing in particular the behavior ofElon Musk in the public sphere, according to a message sent by the director of operations of the space exploration company whose existence and content were … Read more

Why not without magnesium? 10 signs of magnesium deficiency! prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu wrote…

MAGNESIUM CITRATE: It is the form of magnesium to be preferred primarily in cases such as muscle pain, muscle cramps, recurrent muscle spasms, and chronic constipation. MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE: It should be preferred in cases of sleep problems, struggle with chronic stress, menstrual pains and the need to calm down. MAGNESIUM OROTATE: It is more effective … Read more

The free fall of bitcoin continues. He already wrote off CZK 184,000 in a week

A week ago, Bitcoin was worth CZK 684,720, but on Monday morning it was only CZK 591,730. On Tuesday morning, the exchange rate dropped to CZK 499,910. In just one week, the most famous cryptocurrency in the world has already depreciated more than 184,000 crowns. This is the worst result since December 2020. So far, … Read more

Valentina Berger, the Argentine winner of a Tony award: “When I arrived in New York I wrote down as a goal ‘to be nominated'”

Valentina Berger at Radio City Music Hall, where the Tony Awards took place Argentina was present at the big night of the Tony Awards, that recognize the best of American musical theater. Argentine producers. Valentina Berger and Ricardo Hornos raised the statuette for best musical revival, for Company the play being performed at the Bernard … Read more

Kim Jong Un congratulates Russia. He wrote a special message to Putin

“Under your leadership, the Russian people, bravely overcoming all the challenges and difficulties encountered, achieved great success in the righteous cause of protecting the dignity, security and development rights of the country, which the North Korean nation fully supports,” quotes the news from Kim Jong Un, Russian state news agency Ria Novosti. The North Korean … Read more

9 golden rules to protect brain health! Berrin Pehlivan wrote…

Play a musical instrument: Learning to play a musical instrument early in life will make you have a clearer mind as you get older. It increases your mental functions that have nothing to do with music, such as memory and planning. Do a social media detox: According to a new study published in the journal … Read more

A.Sbauda, ​​who wrote a certificate for his team, assessed the chaos in the LKL final: “Low level”

In the last match of the small final series, the Sun City team 76:89 lost to Kaunas “Žalgiris” and lost the series 0-4. Šiauliai did not have three important players in the last match – Eimantas Stankevičius, Paulius Danusevičius and Jonathan Elmore. This is exactly what coach A.Seika talked about first. “I really wanted to, … Read more

Nancy Crampton Brophy, who wrote an essay on killing your husband, was found guilty of actually doing it.

American author Nancy Crampton Brophy, who wrote an essay in 2011 on how to kill your husband, was found guilty of the murder of her husband, Daniel Brophy, who was shot and killed in 2018. Crampton Brophy’s lawyers said they will appeal the decision, made after two days of consultations by the jury of the … Read more

Premier League︱Manchester United wrote a number of bad results after the end of the season, Dikia criticized his teammates for his performance, saying he left the team without attention (21:01) – 20220523 – Sports – Instant News

Manchester United recorded a 6-game losing streak away from home at the end of the season, the first time since 1981; conceded 57 goals in the whole season is also the most goals conceded in the Premier League in a season; For the first time in the postseason, it failed to achieve a positive goal … Read more