Corona first vaccine enters second stage latest news

Ongoing trials to produce a vaccine against the Coronavirus “Covid-19” have entered a stage that may be critical to efforts to find an effective treatment for the virus. And the US Food and Drug Administration gave the FDA a green light to start the second phase of a study to pilot a vaccine produced by … Read more

Elon Musk for the second time incurred TESLA heavy losses due to a Tweet on Twitter | Company news

Tesla shares fell sharply after its CEO, Elon Musk tweeted on his official Twitter page, saying the company‚Äôs shares were too high, which had cost the company about 10 billion dollars in market value. Musk has more than 33 million followers and has a history with bad tweets, which have previously caused problems for his … Read more

OPEC and Russia agree to the largest oil reduction ever amid the Corona pandemic latest news

OPEC and Russia-led allies agreed on Sunday to an unprecedented reduction in oil production – equivalent to about ten percent of global supply – to support crude prices in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic, and sources said that the actual cuts may reach 20 percent. Measures to curb the spread of the Corona … Read more

Johnson & Johnson shares jump 8% as the company approaches the development of a Corona vaccine | Company news

The share of “Johnson & Johnson” of America jumped by 8% at the end of today’s session, after announcing the approach of developing an anti-vaccine, “Corona”. The American company stated that it is already approaching the clinical trials of an effective vaccine against the prevalent Corona virus in the world. The company entered into a … Read more