Ruined teeth by TikTok beauty trend

Trends are spreading like wildfire on social media platforms like TikTok. Often these are harmless and intended for fun or entertainment. But now several TikTok trends have emerged that health experts classify as harmful and even dangerous. As the BBC reports, the UK Department of Health, the Association of Dermatologists and the UK dental community […]

“As if someone had sprayed fire into my veins”

When Jack McMorrow noticed a rash on his hands in mid-April, he didn’t think anything of it. Not even his parents. They assumed that this was a reaction to the many hand washing and the disinfectants that are now part of the new everyday life in corona. When the 14-year-old from Queens, New York, had […]

Johnny Depp supported by Vanessa Paradis

French artist Vanessa Paradis supported her ex-husband Johnny Depp in the American actor’s lawsuits against the British tabloid The sun who portrayed him as an abusive husband, according to court documents released on Wednesday. The “Pirate of the Caribbean” star accuses the British newspaper and its owner News Group Newspapers of having presented as a […]

After confinement, it’s the breakdown

Your cars didn’t really like the containment. Monday, when many people were able to return to the office or to shops, the restarting of the vehicles was not without problems. “We have intervened 150 times on the roads, it’s almost like a day of normal traffic,” says Frank Maas, manager of the diagnostic center of […]

One more death, more patients on “shifts”

The main facts in brief: • 102 people died in Luxembourg as a result of Covid-19. • The country has accumulated 3,894 patients infected with coronavirus. • A hotline has been set up to allow citizens to obtain information: 8002 8080. • Most public events have been canceled. • Follow in real time, on a […]

Nabilla sleeps alone and shares custody of Milann

The confinement will have been particularly harmful for their married life. Nabilla and Thomas seem indeed on the verge of rupture. On Friday, the reality star’s husband recounted in a Snapchat story the difficult time they were going through, locked up at home. “We haven’t seen each other for ten days,” he said, adding that […]

An Alsatian at high risk for having “spread the virus”

The 25-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, flew to South Africa with five friends on March 14, a few days before the announcement of the confinement in France. In Kruger National Park, popular for photo safaris, he was taken by headaches and a slight fever which led him to consult a doctor, fearing malaria, he […]