In Xalapa, Veracruz, the broadcaster Pedro Pablo Kumul is murdered

The Xalapa Police investigate the murder. Photo: Darkroom The reporter y announcer Pedro Pablo Kumul it was murdered Monday afternoon in the streets of the city of Xalapain Veracruz. The homicide was confirmed by AX Multimediacompany for which he worked as journalist from AX News and from station 104.5. The media outlet explained that Cumul … Read more

In Xalapa, Veracruz, a woman confronts her stalker; watch video

The woman faced the subject in Xalapa. Photo: Shutterstock “you come to me Following”, was like a woman faced to a man who was allegedly harassing while walking through the streets of Xalapain Veracruz. Young Ithzel caught the moment in a video which he later published in Instagram And it already went viral. The user … Read more

What neighborhoods in Xalapa will be left without water with the closure of the Alto Pixquiac dams in Las Vigas? – Xalapa Newspaper

This afternoon, residents of Las Vigas de Ramírez closed the valves of the Alto Pixquiac dams with effects on the water supply in the region, including some neighborhoods in the north of Xalapa. According to a statement from the Municipal Commission for Potable Water and Sanitation (CMAS), the inhabitants of the Progress, Aguacatal, Federal, Bureaucrats, … Read more

How many cartels operate in Veracruz and what crimes do they commit, according to Guacamaya leaks? – Xalapa Newspaper

In the state of Veracruz would have a presence six criminal groups, cartels or criminal cells, according to a report related to criminal activity in the country generated by the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) last August. Documents obtained by Xalapa Newspaper, after the hacking of the Guacamaya group to the Sedena, reveal that the … Read more

Is the return to school postponed ?, see what the Ministry of Education of Veracruz says – Diario de Xalapa

The head of the Ministry of Education of Veracruz (SEV), Zenyazen Escobar Garcia confirms that there has been no change in the date of return to classes and that all students from Veracruz will return this Monday, January 3. After the information was disseminated through social networks that it would have been authorized to postpone … Read more

New Xalapa Cabildo appoints heads of 5 areas at the proposal of Ricardo Ahued

The Xalapa Cabildo appointed the heads of the areas of Secretary of the City Council, Treasury, Control Body, Transparency and the Municipal Police. In the first ordinary session of this collegiate body, the councilors unanimously approved the following appointments at the proposal of municipal president Ricardo Ahued Bardahuil: Ramón Antonio Ramos Niembro will serve as … Read more