Huge performance potential remains! Netizens disclose the hidden structure of M1 Max: it is expected to form a multi-chip architecture | XFastest News

Recently, some netizens were disassembling the MacBook Pro, and posted a real shot of the “strongest on the surface” processor M1 Max. In this real shot, a large area is left on the edge of the M1 Max. Heralds the potential of the chip. The part in the red circle is the vacant area According … Read more

Black Friday Steam Sale, the biggest win home is not a special game? | XFastest News

Steam’s Black Friday specials last week, have you all bought games?I recently didn’t buy a special game with XGPU on the game console, but I’m still curious to take a look. SteamDB According to the game sales ranking data released in the last week of November, 5 of the top 10 unexpectedly appeared as new … Read more

Xbox Series S becomes the best-selling game console on Black Friday in the United States | XFastest News

Among the next-generation game consoles, Xbox Series S may be the least promising at the beginning. As the little brother of Xbox Series X, he is weaker than the other in terms of specifications. Whether it is compared to the big brother’s 8K picture, the highest picture output is only 1440P 60fps, and the SSD … Read more

Epic Games Store Announces Free Games of the Week | XFastest News

Two free games on the Epic Games Store have been officially announced and will be available for download in early December. Dead By Daylight is a horror-themed multiplayer game. One of the players is a “killer”. He uses a first-person perspective to hunt down four survivors who want to escape the map. At the same … Read more

The most worrying thing about NVIDIA RTX 4070 price exposure is coming | XFastest News

According to the current news, NVIDIA still has a number of high-memory products to be deployed for the RTX 30 series, but it is obviously only a transition. The outside world is more concerned about the RTX 40 series. According to the latest news, NVIDIA has basically maintained the pace of replacement every two years … Read more

CDPR says “Cyberpunk 2077” will eventually become a very good game!? | XFastest News

Recently a foreign mediaInterviewIn the interview, Adam Kiciński, president of CD Projekt, mentioned in the interview that “Cyberpunk 2077” will eventually become a very good game. Although this game is not as good as the players expected due to the big rollover on the market and the speed of the game’s bug fixes, which led … Read more

AMD changes its heart to Zen5 to use Samsung’s 3nm process? TSMC responds | XFastest News

Both TSMC and Samsung have mass-produced the 5nm process. Among them, TSMC’s number of customers and order scale are much higher than that of Samsung, but it is in the next generation of 3nm process., Samsung may be expected to regain a city, AMD, Qualcomm and other large companies may switch to Samsung, which brings … Read more

“Autopsy Simulator” recruits players to open the horror experience of closed test | XFastest News

Now the game is really awesome, everything can be simulated! Want to experience the work of a coroner? “Autopsy Simulator” can definitely satisfy your wishes and bring you extra horror surprises. The release date of the game has not yet been announced, and it supports Traditional Chinese. “Autopsy Simulator” has been in development for more … Read more

Intel Arc entry game graphics card exposure price is close to the people | XFastest News

Intel Arc gaming graphics card is expected to be launched in the first quarter of next year. A few days ago, the flagship model DG2-512EU was exposed, When only 63% of the clocks are indicated, the performance score (Geekbench OpenCL) is close to that of RTX 2060, and it is expected that full strength is … Read more

News of new games are released one after another, League of Legends will bring you more joy | XFastest News

I’ve introduced Higgs’ music rhythm game before, today Riot Forge The video released by YouTube also announced the game that will be launched in 2022. In addition to rhythm games, there are currently three production highlights that are based on the characters and worldview in League of Legends, including side-scrolling, combat RPG, and action-adventure games. … Read more