Mystery Case Appears! “Hearthstone” will launch a new expansion “Nassaya Castle” on August 3rd | XFastest News

“Hearthstone”now(28) day announcedwill be 8 moon 3 day launchCompleteNew Expansion “Closed Case at Nathaya Castle”the poor King Dynasus was murdered at his own dinner party, and players will become detectives to solve this mysterious mystery。new expansionwill be launched 135New cards, including Legendary Suspects, new card types“location”, andCompletenew keyword「perfusion」。 The Unsolved Case of Nathaya CastleNow open … Read more

Can your computer be upgraded to Windows 11 22H2? One Trick Detection | XFastest News

Windows 11 22H2 will start rolling out in the fall of 2022 and is expected to offer plenty of improvements along with some new features. While Windows 11 22H2 won’t actually change the hardware requirements, Microsoft has quietly enabled a registry that will allow you to check for compatibility with upcoming updates. If it’s not … Read more

“Sound” is immersive! ROG Delta S Wireless Gaming Headset Debut | XFastest News

ROG Republic of Gamers launches the first dual-mode wireless gaming headset – “Delta S Wireless”, with 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth® connection modes, players can experience the freedom of wireless connection as they wish, and multi-device compatibility; with the industry-leading ROG The AI ​​beamforming microphone and AI noise reduction technology complement each other, presenting extremely clear … Read more

Epic Games Store adds a new feature “Rating and Voting” to help players choose games as a reference~ | XFastest News

When players choose games, in addition to searching for game reviews online, sometimes the scoring mechanism in the game store is also one of the indicators for reference, but an open scoring mechanism like Steam sometimes makes it take players too much time to complete the game. Learn about games, and this time new to … Read more

The launch of “Douzhen Special Attack 2” will replace “Douzhen Special Attack”. | XFastest News

The news that “Douzhen Special Attack 2” will be launched in October this year has been announced for a while, but some players still feel that “Douzhen Special Attack 2” will be independent of “Douzhen Special Attack”, and the two should coexist. But today’s official announcement of some news, I am afraid that these players … Read more

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale has officially started! Activity tasks, discount offers come here | XFastest News

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale officially kicks off today! This special sale will last until 10:00 am on July 7th. In addition to massive game discounts, this time there are also Steam badges and special missions, and you don’t just need to spend money to buy games to solve missions! Hurry up and watch it … Read more

Microsoft finally admits .NET framework has issues on Windows 11: will work to fix | XFastest News

Many Win11 users have been more or less aware that Microsoft’s own .NET framework and this new system seem to be somewhat incompatible. Previously, Microsoft thought that the compatibility of .NET was a problem and had specially updated and maintained Win11, but now, a large number of users who use Visual Studio 2022 have reported … Read more

The new version of iOS 16 is released: Apple makes the lock screen more personalized and comprehensively improves performance | XFastest News

Although the official version is still early, Apple has released the second beta version of iOS 16. What improvements are there in this update? From the details compiled by the developers, Apple has added some new features, while also optimizing the performance of the entire system, fixing bugs, and improving performance. Apple has made the … Read more

The Steam Summer Sale is coming tomorrow, so get your magic cards! | XFastest News

Following the new product festival launched by Steam in early June, the day when G fat slaughtered players’ wallets has come. Why do you say that? Because..Steam Summer Sale is coming again! This time it will start at 1:00 am Taiwan time this week, June 24th, which is Friday, and the sale will last for … Read more