REFUSE EXTINCTION! Toyota FTAC Rush Cross Finally Introduced, New Challenge Xpander Cross

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Manufacturer Toyota re-introduce one mobil Toyota crossover themed. The car nicknamed as Toyota Rush Cross it has the real name Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FTAC). Mobil Toyota Rush Cross it has a larger dimension when compared to the crossover’s concept Toyota other. Toyota FTAC first introduced at the Los Angeles … Read more

Xpander Cross Facelift, Will Appear in August 2022, is this the price range?

iNSulteng – New car coming out with Giias on the moon August 2022 that is Mitsubishi Xpander Cross Facelift. Judging from the AUTO DP YouTube Chanel two weeks ago that Xpander Cross will be launched soon. The Mitsubishi Xpender Cross Facelift 2022 is predicted to be launched as a new car at Giias 2022. Read … Read more

Accident at Level Cross: Xpander Vs Train in Cirebon, 4 People Died

TEMPO.CO, Cirebon – Accident in level crossing without a doorstop again happened. This time it involved the Mitsubishi Xpander minibus and the Argo Cheribon Train. The incident on Saturday night, August 6, 2022, even claimed four lives. The exact location of the accident was at Km 202+1, a section of the road between Waruduwur Station … Read more

Xpander Tiny Version Launches, Will Seize Honda Brio Market, Toyota Agya Here

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Market competition mobil hatchback will get a new challenger from Mitsubishi. Where is the Manufacturer mobil from Japan is launching Xpander mini that will win the market for Honda Brio, Toyota Agya and other types mobil others in the same class. Xpandersince its appearance mobil This has destroyed the MPV … Read more

This is very tempting, the price of a used car Mitusbishi Xpander 2019, only Rp. 100 million

Abdul Aziz Masindo/ Used Mitsubishi Xpander – This price is so tempting used car Mitsubishi Xpander 2019only Rp. 100 million in the used car market (mobkas). The 2019 Mitsubishi Xpander could be the choice of a young year’s 7-seater LMPV on the car market. The 2019 Mitsubishi Xpander LS M/T variant is only Rp. … Read more

Mitsubishi Presents Xpander Mini at the Equivalent Price of Motor Matic, Toyota and Honda Panic

KOTAMABAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Shocking news came from a Japanese manufacturer, namely the Mitsubishiwho released their newest car. New car from Mitsubishi this can be said Xpander mini, look alike Xpander but small. It turns out that this issued car is a electric car which is named Mitsubishi Ek Xwhich has a body like … Read more

Don’t rush to buy a used Mitsubishi Xpander, these two diseases often make you dizzy, but don’t worry, there is a solution

Dock. Automotive Illustration. Used Mitusbishi Xpander, first identify the two typical diseases before buying it. – Classified as a new car, interested in buying a Mitsubishi XpanderGet to Know Two Special Diseases. Preferably before buying a unit Mitsubishi Xpander used, first identify the typical disease, so you don’t get dizzy when treating it. According … Read more

Surprised, Xpander Driven by Minors, Parking Brio Changes Shape Rifqi Ibnumasy Mitsubishi Xpander driven by a minor beats Honda Brio Parking on Jl Griya Utama, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta – Honda Brio the parking position instantly changes shape. Surprised, the rear body panel of the white Brio was badly crushed. Because he was beaten by a Mitsubishi Xpander driven by a minor. … Read more

Used Prices Start at IDR 180 Million, Know the Typical Diseases of Mitsubishi Xpander

Abdul Aziz Masindo/ Used Mitsubishi Xpander – Mitsubishi Xpander being one of the family cars in the LMPV class that is attractive to own, attractive design, spacious cabin, and comfortable. When it was launched at GIIAS 2017, the Mitsubishi Xpander received tremendous enthusiasm from the Indonesian people thanks to its more aggressive design than … Read more

10 Best Selling Cars June 2022, Avanza First Position Xpander Slumps

JAKARTA, – Realization car sell in the domestic market throughout June 2022 managed to increase again, by 37.5 percent on a monthly basis to 79,168 units after a sharp decline in May 2022. Along with this, the competitive map of the industry automotive looks hot again. This situation can be seen from the fierce … Read more