Challenge the Yamaha XSR 155, this new retro sport motorbike carries an 18.8 DK engine and big legs like Moge, the price?

Zonts The appearance of the Zontes ZT155G, a draw rival to the Yamaha XSR 155 in the 155 cc retro sport segment. – Challenge Honda XSR 155Motor Sport Retro This New Engine Carrying 18.8 DK and Sturdy Legs in the style of Moge, the price? Launched a new retro sport motorbike with a 155 … Read more

Honda Launches Tiger Retro, Yamaha XSR 155 and Kawasaki W175 Must Be Alert, Check Out The Advantages

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Reported manufacturer Honda launch motor Tiger stylish retro who can compete with Honda XSR 155 nor Kawasaki W175. View the market Honda Tiger has decreased, then Honda fast motion fill segment retro modern to face Honda XSR 155 and Kawasaki W175 in the segment motor retro or classical. Very likely … Read more

Launching Motor Sport 250 cc Twin Cylinder Priced 30 Million Will Destroy XSR 155 and W175 Market

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Officially gliding! a motor sport retro 250 cc Twin cylinder engine priced at 30 million that will destroy the market Honda XSR 155 and Kawasaki W175. Called going to be a market destroyer Honda XSR 155 and Kawaski W175 because of the selling price of motor sport stylish retro it … Read more

Want to seize the market for Yamaha XSR 155 and Kawasaki W175, New Honda CB190SS 2022 launches

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Sale motor Honda XSR 155 and Kawasaki W175can be taken New Honda CB190SS 2022. Because New Honda CB190SS 2022, has features comparable to motor Honda XSR 155 and Kawasaki W175 in the segment motor classical. Even New Honda CB190SS This retro-style 2022 is priced on par with motor Honda XSR … Read more

Honda GL Pro Reborn Launches, Will Damage Kawasaki W175 and Yamaha XSR markets

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – One of the Legendary motorbikes from a Japanese manufacturer, Honda GL Pro now comes with a new look and a dashing design. You could say this is Honda GL Pro Reborn, looks new style but leaves design with retro style From the appearance of this motorbike it is almost the … Read more

Competing Specifications for Honda CB150R and Yamaha XSR 155, which one to choose?

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Adu specification Honda CB150R and Honda XSR 155about who superior of? As we all know, the competition for two-wheeled vehicles in the modern retro-style sport motorbike segment seems no less hot than the competition for automatic and electric motorbikes. Just like Yamaha with its retro sport bikes Honda XSR 155 … Read more

Kawasaki Z125 Pro Challenged Yamaha XSR 155, About Who Wins To Win My Young Heart

COPPER–Kawasaki and Yamahatwo of the most consistent manufacturers gave birth to motor sport. Well Kawasaki nor Yamahaboth often produce sport motorbikes that are selling well and being hunted by motor sport lovers. The newest one is Kawasaki launched a new sport bike, namely Kawasaki Z125 Pro. Also Read: Be careful, the Honda CBR150RR is affixed … Read more

MORE SWEET! Yamaha XSR 155 Releases Its New Color

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Yamaha XSR 155 officially launched the newest color, namely Dark Blue which is sweet. We all know that every motorbike lover Yamaha XSR 155 definitely want to choose a motorbike apart from the appearance, engine and body of course also from the color. Because not a few people if you … Read more

No Opponent! New Yamaha XSR 155 Killer 2023 Officially Launched at Affordable Prices

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Recently launched a unit motor new ones ready to enliven the market motor sport Retro 155 CC, motor it is Zontes ZR155G 2022. Appearance motor Zontes ZR155G 2022 This is quite interesting with the old school style that is being favored by Bikers. But the features can be said to … Read more

Starting from IDR 36 million, Yamaha Refreshes XSR 155 Retro Sport Motor

JAKARTA, – PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) re-launched its newest sport bike in early 2022. This time Yamaha spoils retro sport motorbike lovers in particular XSR 155 with the latest colors and livery. XSR 155 Matte Dark Blue Authentic color lifts the concept of Wanderlust Nature to support the favorite ride to nature. … Read more