Shocked Can’t Believe, Yamaha Mio Smile 2008 Can Sell Rp 20 Million, What Makes It Expensive?

Special Yamaha Mio Smile restomod from Zack Motor – Shock Unbelievable, Yamaha Mio Smile 2008 Sold for Rp. 20 Million, Apparently This Is Sticky. Automatic scooter (scooter) Yamaha Mio is of course not a foreign brand anymore in Tamah Air. Yamaha Mio this was quite successful at the time, ranging from Mio Sporty to … Read more

Starting to be rare, here are the three Yamaha Mio colors that are now being hunted

Left and Middle: Special, Right: Sopon Photo collage, three colors of old school Yamaha Mio that are getting rare – Starting from the rare unit, here it is three colors Yamaha Mio Which Is Now Much Hunted By Collectors. Recently, there has been a lot of restoration of automatic scooters (scooters) from the manufacturer … Read more