‘Dog Poop Mother’ Lee Sang-mi reveals to Lee Gye-in, “We slept a lot in Yangpyeong”

tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast screen capture Actress Lee Sang-mi surprised everyone by saying, “Do you remember we slept a lot in Yangpyeong?” to actress Lee Gye-in. In the tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’, which aired on the 28th, Kim Yong-gun, Kim Soo-mi, and Lee Gye-in reminisced about the past with a chicken stew party with … Read more

They said it was 0 won… ‘Yoon’s wife’s company’ development fee was imposed late

◀ anchor ▶ People’s Power Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife became controversial as the company received a full reduction in development charges for the Yangpyeong apartment development project. Yangpyeong-gun said that there was an administrative error and only recently imposed a belated 180 million won. Correspondent Kim Ji-kyung. ◀ Report ▶ From 1.7 billion won to … Read more