Prince Muhammad bin Salman leads the trend in a video with the player Yasser Al-Shahrani.. What was the conversation that took place between them?

A video that spread strongly on social media sparked curiosity and topped the trend. It is a video that brings together Prince Muhammad bin Salman and the player Yasser Al-Shahrani at the end of the King’s Cup final match between Al-Wehda and Al-Hilal clubs. It was taken on Friday. In the video, a brief conversation … Read more

Watch.. The appearance of a “bump” mark in the face of Al-Hilal player, “Yasser Al-Shahrani”, raises questions

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The “bump” sign that appeared in the face of Al-Hilal player, “Yasser Al-Shahrani”, raised questions on social media. Activists’ comments varied on “Twitter” about the reason for the appearance of a “bump” mark in the face of Al-Hilal player “Yasser Al-Shahrani”, as some of them saw that it was the fixation pieces that … Read more

The latest developments in Yasser Al-Shahrani’s injury

Press sources revealed that Al-Hilal player Yasser Al-Shahrani is progressing his rehabilitation program well and implementing it accurately. The sources indicated, according to Al-Riyadh, that Al-Shahrani still needs time in order to engage in group training. On Sunday evening, Al Hilal players performed their training, in preparation for the resumption of the Roshan Saudi Professional … Read more

Yasser al-Azma… “fronts” do not calm down

Yasser al-Azma… “fronts” do not calm down His program via “YouTube” is a field for debate and response Saturday – 4 Shaaban 1444 AH – 25 February 2023 AD Beirut: Fatima Abdullah The Syrian artist, Yasser Al-Azmeh, has a wealth of experience that enables him to express opinions and correct inaccuracies. His long journey in … Read more

Ashraf Zaki: A certificate of thanks and appreciation to Yasser Jalal from President El-Sisi is an honor for all artists

Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the actors, said to “The Seventh Day”, commenting on granting President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi a certificate of appreciation to the artist. Yasser Jalal For his support of the Long Live Egypt Fund, the honor is a tribute to all artists, stressing that he is still adopting the initiative to … Read more

After Yasser Jalal donated 3 million pounds to “Long Live Egypt” .. Randa Al-Buhairi: “I will also donate.”

The artist, Randa Al-Behairy, revealed her appreciation to the artist, Yasser Jalal, after donating 3 million pounds to the “Long Live Egypt” fund. And she wrote on her personal page on the Facebook site, a post that read: “All thanks to the respected and respected star, Yasser Jalal, who succeeded alongside a town at a … Read more

Summoning the head of the Saudi Investment Fund, Yasser Al-Rumayyan, in the case of Musk’s tweet about “secured financing”

New York, USA (CNN) – Elon Musk’s legal team has summoned the head of the Public Investment Fund in Saudi Arabia, Yasser Al-Rumayyan, as part of the litigation over the Tesla CEO’s 2018 tweet and what he said he was considering taking the car company private. And he got funding to do it. Musk had … Read more

Yasser Ali Maher visits the “Soft Power” nursing home | news

The artist, Yasser Ali Maher, was keen to visit the “Soft Power” nursing home, which was recently opened by the artist, Ashraf Zaki, in his capacity as captain of the acting professions. Yasser Ali Maher published a picture of him from the house, and a writer commented: “A great edifice and a more than wonderful … Read more

News 24 | Yasser Al-Shahrani reveals the latest developments in his health after his visit to Al-Hilal training camp

Al-Hilal player and the national team, Yasser Al-Shahrani, sent a message to the fans, revealing the latest developments in his health condition, after he suffered a very strong injury during his participation with Al-Akhdar against Argentina in the Qatar World Cup 2022. Yasser Al-Shahrani said in a video that was broadcast on the official account … Read more

Leaked Documents Reveal Yasser Arafat’s Enmity with Mahmoud Abbas

loading… The leaked documents reveal the hostility of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas. Photo/BBC JERUSALEM – Hundreds of documents regarding the death of the late Palestinian Yasser Arafat have been leaked to the public over the past week. This caused controversy and debate among Palestinian officials. According to reports in Israeli media, the leaked documents … Read more