Europa League | Shasat’s three-time broken ankle bone: It can’t be like 10 years ago when the Russian coach was banned from entering Denmark for fans (22:53)-20210621-Sports-News

Finland vs. Belgium Cable Channel 616/618 will be broadcast live at 03:00 on Tuesday morning Denmark vs. Russia Cable Channel 617/619 will be broadcast live at 03:00 on Tuesday morning After being transferred from Chelsea to Real Madrid the year before, Chasat still missed many games due to frequent injuries. He said: “I never doubted … Read more

Young Latino man who killed his girlfriend in the US sentenced to 60 years in prison

Denver, United States A Denver-area court on Friday imposed a csentenced a young Mexican to six decades in prison convicted of murdering his girlfriend in 2017, as well as extorting money from the teenager’s family. As reported by the 18th Judicial District of Colorado, Arturo García, now 24 years old, will spend 48 years incarcerated … Read more

The impressive building in the protected area celebrates 25 years. Dlouhé Stráně produces more and more

The Dlouhé Stráně Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in the Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area, is celebrating twenty-five years. Exactly a quarter of a century ago, on June 20, 1996, the energy company ČEZ put it into operation. The power plant produced over ten million megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity during that time. Take a look at the … Read more

The last Audi with an internal combustion engine is to be introduced in five years

According to a German media source, Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented the strategy, which can be translated as a complete electrification of the newly introduced Audi models from 2027, to the Board of Directors and senior management on Thursday. Such an acceleration of Audi’s electrification targets would be in line with … Read more

Hunting and Gathering Tools for the People of Sulawesi Thousands of Years Ago

Yinika Perston Ancient utensils used by the Taolean people.—Archaeologists from the Archaeological Center Sulawesi South, Griffith University, and the University of New England have examined a collection of tools or utensils thousands of years old. Archaeologists examine the tools that came from stone and bone, made by the Toalean people. They are a group … Read more

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi celebrate 16 years of marriage: photos on Instagram

Editorial board June 20, 2021 3:56 pm A toast with a view of San Pietro and Castel Sant’Angelo, but more than for the view, Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti had eyes for each other: the former Roma bomber and the showgirl crossed the finish line on Saturday 16 years of marriage, and they celebrated with … Read more

Plansee Group celebrates 100 years of existence

economy The global high-performance materials manufacturer Plansee, based in Breitenwang in Tyrol, celebrates its 100th anniversary on Monday. Exactly 100 years ago on June 21, company founder Paul Schwarzkopf came to Reutte for the first time. 21.06.2021 05.59 Online since yesterday at 5.59 a.m. Due to the corona, the anniversary is to be celebrated with … Read more

Progressive power steering will appear on Tesla electric vehicles in a few years

Together with the updated interior, the Tesla Model S received a steering wheel in the form of a steering wheel, which lost the shift paddles, which caused an “ergonomic shock” for many potential owners. As it turned out, the change in the shape of the steering wheel will not soon be compensated by the introduction … Read more