Inventory/The host queen used to be naked and pink and married a wealthy Hong Kong businessman and faded out of the entertainment industry for 17 years. “The current situation is unscientific” | Entertainment | CTWANT

There are quite a few actresses in Taiwan who marry wealthy families, some of whom marry domestic political and business celebrities, but there are also some female artists who, after marrying into wealthy families, settle down in Hong Kong because their husbands and wives follow suit, and live a trapeze life, or simply fade out … Read more

The Oldest Coffee Shop in the World, Hundreds of Years Old and Routinely Visited by Voltaire Page all – It’s been ages coffee become a favorite drink of the world community, both among the nobility and among the street people. The number of coffee fans who have sprung up, made coffee shop also rampant like mushrooms in the rainy season. If in the past coffee shops only grew in the city center … Read more

Artificial intelligence will reach the singularity within seven years, warns the model – – World News 24

Artificial intelligence in translation within seven years balances people, research from Translated found. From there, it’s just a few steps to the same success in other fields. Scientists warn that AI can then get out of control. What will happen next and what the world will look like, no one knows for sure. The IFLScience … Read more

“He called my work and said I had been in bed with a toddler”: woman is stalked for three years after meeting via dating site | Popular in HLN+ REGION

Pelt/Hasselt“She dreamed of a little house-garden-child. Now she never wants another man.” A young woman’s lawyer left no doubt in court about the impact of three years of extreme stalking. The perpetrator was a 30-year-old man who met the victim through a dating site. And who clearly could not accept that no relationship resulted from … Read more

Twelve years of observing four exoplanets shown in 6-second video

Today, exoplanets are being discovered quite actively – the existence of more than five thousand planets outside the solar system has already been confirmed. However, planets revolving around a star HR 8799stand out from them: in 2008, this star system became the first whose planets were observed directlyand not by indirect signs, like most others. … Read more

8 years after its release, a player discovers a new technique in The Witcher 3

Game news 8 years after its release, a player discovers a new technique in The Witcher 3 Published on 01/31/2023 at 10:52 To share : The Witcher license has not finished talking about him. Between the Netflix series, the remake of The Witcher first of the name, The Witcher 4 and new features on The … Read more

After 2 years of seizing power, the UN opposes the Burmese military government to hold elections. more bloody than before

On January 31, AFP reported that During the time the Myanmar Army was planning elections New elections are expected in 2023, the United Nations and analysts have warned that they could spark even more bloodshed. As opposition to the junta continues to heat up and planned elections cannot be free and fair under current circumstances, … Read more

“In 2 years we will also be able to tackle the most difficult to treat tumours”: will flash therapy be the major breakthrough in cancer treatment? And how does it work? | My Guide: Health

Is flash therapy, irradiation at a very short time with a high dose, the key to more successful tumor treatment? The first research is already promising. “Not only is the impact on the tumor at least as great as with normal radiation, there is less damage to surrounding organs and it is cheaper, because one … Read more

They reveal details of the behavior of Brazilian Dani Alves in prison

More than 10 days have passed since the Mossos D’esquadra Massanet, the Catalan police, arrested Dani Alves after being accused of sexually abusing a 23-year-old girl at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona with a few hours left to go from last year. The Brazilian star, who has just participated in the last World Cup that … Read more

A real institution disappears in Mortier: after 62 years of existence, Jeannine closes her business definitively

It is a real institution in Mortier, in the entity of Blegny in the province of Liège. In the center of the village, just opposite the church, there is a small business that has existed for 62 years. Jeannine opened it with her parents in 1961, but it is closing its doors this Tuesday, January … Read more