There has been a ‘Diamond Factory’ in the bowels of the Earth since billions of years ago

Jakarta – The bowels of the Earth hold many unsolved mysteries, including one of them is the ‘diamond factory’ which is thought to have existed billions of years ago. To note, carbon plays an important role in the geological processes that occur in the Earth’s interior. Most of the carbon on our planet is in … Read more

Lizzo is the first in 200 years to play on the crystal flute of the American founding father

American singer Lizzo was the first ever to play a 200-year-old flute from The Library of Congress. The flute was owned by the fourth US president James Madison, one of the founding fathers of the US. He was given the instrument as a gift when he started his second term in office. A remarkable moment … Read more

Mota-Engil issues 50 million over five years. Pays interest of 5.75% – Bonds

Mota-Engil will finance itself on the bond market, with the aim of raising 50 million euros, from both institutional and retail investors. To this end, the construction company will make two offers during the month of October: one for debt subscription (OPS) and another for exchange (OPT). “The prospectus refers to the public offer and … Read more

after 17 years of existence, the Blizzard MMORPG will welcome this long-awaited feature

This week, the first lovers of World of Warcraft were able to embark on the new expansion of the Classic branch of Blizzard’s MMORPG. After Burning Crusadethe players were logically able to take the direction of Northrend with Wrath of the Lich King. Only, behold Dragonflightnext extension of the World of Warcraftseems ready to welcome … Read more

Passport Validity Period So 10 Years, Read More Conditions for Making

Jakarta – Immigration change passport validity period, from five years to 10 years. Read more about the requirements for making a passport? Time rules apply passport The extension was a follow-up to the direction of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) some time ago. This is stated in the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation Number … Read more

Again, the riddle of criteria in the flu vaccine! 25 years old, 65 years old no

Influenza (influenza) is a highly contagious respiratory disease that is common every year from October to early April. It affects a significant number of people between the specified months in every country in the northern hemisphere and expresses a process in which the number of sick people is expected to increase significantly. THE MOST EFFECTIVE … Read more

Algeria’s Alsat-1N celebrates six years in orbit

Algeria’s first nanosatellite, Alsat-1N, celebrated its sixth orbital anniversary on September 26, following its launch in 2016. The satellite’s design lifetime was initially set at one year, but it has continued to operate efficiently, performing more 32,000 rotations around the Earth. The development of the satellite was part of a cooperation project between the Algerian … Read more

It took 7 years for Mario diehard players to build, “Super Mario 5” lets you relive the touch of the classic 2D Mario experience | T Kebang

Since Nintendo launched “Super Mario Creator” on the WiiU platform, which allows players to make their own maps, the company has not launched a new 2D version of Mario games for a long time, and it has also made many old players who like the classic gameplay. I feel dissatisfied. After all, players who like … Read more

Keep nuclear power plants in operation for more years, experts urge the German government

Due to the energy crisis, leading German economic institutes expect the German economy to decline by 0.4 percent next year. In their joint spring report, they still predicted growth of 3.1 percent, reminds the server of the Focus weekly. They expect a return to economic growth in 2024, when the economy could show an increase … Read more

The civilian princess suffered 11 years of hardship, royal experts revealed that Kate “relyed on this trick” to conquer her in-laws | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reported by the International Center / Lin Yunxuan ▲ Princess Kate is seen as the lubricant between Prince William and his father Charles III. (Photo/Photo by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge IG) After the death of Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II), her son Charles succeeded as the new King Charles III (King Charles III), … Read more