Since yesterday, there have been 7 eruptions of Mount Anak Krakatau

Jakarta – Mountain Child of Krakatoa erupted again since yesterday until early this morning. A total of seven eruptions have occurred since yesterday with a height of the ash column reaching 500 meters to 2 kilometers. This volcano in the Sunda Strait last erupted 2 weeks ago. The activity of the Anak Krakatau volcano erupted … Read more

Campania, De Luca closes to migrants: «We will not accept landings in Naples and Salerno. Yesterday 50 positives arrived at Covid “

Yesterday at the port of Salerno the ship is docked Ocean Viking. They were on board 387 migrantsof which approx 50 positives al Coronavirus. A landing to which the president of the Campania region Vincenzo De Luca Yes it was opposite to, demanding that health checks be done on board first. Now De Luca has … Read more

Lee Min-jung, was it when you were in college? Girl crush charm that looks like it was taken yesterday [★SNS]

Actress Lee Min-jung. Source | Lee Min-jung SNS [스포츠서울 | 김태형기자] Actor Lee Min-jung recalled the memories of ‘Acorn days’. On the 1st, Lee Min-jung posted a picture and a sentence on her SNS saying, “When is this again? It’s college. In her photo, Lee Min-jung is wearing a leather jacket, showing off her wild … Read more

Who was expelled from The Academy yesterday, Saturday, July 30?

A new student from The Academy: 20 years he was expelled yesterday saturday july 30 and this time, critics did nothing to save it. Now there was no defense, as on previous occasions. The first concert this weekend was marked by what happened inside the house these days, after several students presented pictures of dehydration … Read more

What seemed absolutely unreal just yesterday can become completely real today! Horoscopes for August 1

Foto: Shutterstock Aries Your energy resources will exceed all limits today. Your energy could charge the city today. Put it to work! Most read Putin can’t use right hand to swat a mosquito at Navy Day celebrations, but threatens world with hypersonic missiles Violated the speed limit by just a few km/h? No warning – … Read more

Lazaro says goodbye and goes to Turin: formula, figures and details. Yesterday the white smoke

Shot Turin: taken Valentino Lazaro. Today the Gazzetta dello Sport he sings the praises of the Austrian winger who moves to a grenade on loan with the right of redemption from Inter. “Yesterday morning Vagnati left the Austrian retreat of Waidring’s Turin, having on his agenda an appointment fixed for a few days: yesterday there … Read more

“Kira Waljen” controls half of the cinema’s revenue cake yesterday

Yesterday, cinemas achieved revenues of 2 million and 495 thousand pounds, for 3 films shown, namely: Kira and Al-Jin, I love you, their uncle, according to Safwat Al-Helbawi, director of cinema distribution at Dollar Films. The movie “Kira Waljen” topped the movie revenues yesterday, achieving one million and 147 thousand pounds. The movie “Kira Waljen” … Read more

“Yesterday” by Ágota Kristóf – Reviews and recommendations

“Yesterday” was published in French in 1995 and was Ágota Kristóf’s first novel after the acclaimed trilogy about the twins Lucas and Claus. “Yesterday” contains several typical Kristof features: The concentrated, easy-to-read prose combined with the dark, sinister theme. The horror of my life The novel also expresses Kristóf’s unique combination of aggression and tenderness. … Read more

The small unannounced game that Ubisoft delayed yesterday is Assassin’s Creed Rift, according to Bloomberg

Jason Schreier, a renowned journalist, has confirmed that it was the small game that was unannounced. Jason Schreier has shared via Bloomberg information indicating that the title of Assassin’s Creed Rift they were developing It has been delayed. The Ubisoft office in Bordeaux has expressly requested more time to develop the title because its progress … Read more

Acerbi, yesterday the agent in Auronzo after an interview with Lotito: the situation

Yesterday Federico Pastorello – Acerbi’s agent among others – was in Auronzo di Cadore after talking with Lotito Continue to keep the bench in the house Lazio the future of Francesco Acerbi. Yesterday the player’s agent – Federico Pastorello – was in Auronzo di Cadore to talk to the player after having had an interview … Read more