Yina Calderón showed a photo of the building she bought

“I have a building. Thanks GodWrote the exprotagonist of Novela in the post of the publication, where he shared the first photo of the facade of his new property, which appears to be several square meters. As seen in the image, the building has 5 floors, a pedestrian entrance and another that would be a … Read more

Yina Calderón involves Aida Merlano’s daughter in a fight

The controversial ex-protagonist of Novela it does not stop being a trend in social networks, this time on behalf of an alleged fight at one of his famous parties that took place in Cartagena and in which the daughter of the condemned ex-congressman was involved Aida Merlano. It all happened when one of the supposed … Read more

Yina Calderón’s mother asks for a prayer chain so that her daughter stops drinking

The businesswoman Yina Calderon posted a video on the that his mother asks him to stop drinking, Although minutes later he disappeared from his Instagram. In the recording, which was made on the Instagram stories of Merly Ome, Yina’s mother, She asks the businesswoman’s followers for a prayer so that her daughter stops drinking liquor. … Read more

Yina Calderón spoke after controversy between Elianis Garrido and Óscar Naranjo

After reviving the controversy, the businesswoman replied what she thought of the former Novel Protagonists. 19 Jul 2020 17:572020-07-19T17: 57: 28ZBy: canalrcn.com A few weeks ago the former protagonist of the novel, Elianis Garrido, He did a live through his Instagram account, and in it, several of his followers took the opportunity to ask him … Read more